ChinaAid’s March 2013 issue of “Chinese Law and Religion Digest” E-Journal Released

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image2(Midland, Texas–April 20, 2013) ChinaAid has released the March 2013 issue of its Chinese Law and Religion Digest.  The digital version of the Chinese-language publication is available online at the link below.

This is an English translation of the Table of Contents:

1. Institutional Church and Free Church: Problems, Crisis and Possible Solutions

2. On the Legitimacy of Restrictions on Basic Civil Rights and the Principles of Restriction

3. Proposals at the “Two Meetings” (the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference): Problems and countermeasures in the Development of Christianity

4. Internal Controls Over the Receiving of Donated Funds by Charities and Religious Organizations

5. A Discussion of the Issue of Religion and the Rule of Law, a Speech Delivered at the Seminar on “Bringing the Rule of Law into Religious Affairs Management”

6. President Madison’s Views on the Relationship Between Church and State

7. The Position of the European Court of Human Rights Regarding the Protection of the Freedom of Religious Belief

8. Declaration of Religious Freedom

9. The Evolution of Religious Policies in Eastern Europe’s Socialist Countries in the 20th Century

10. Religious Involvement in Politics in the United States—An Overview

11. Reflections on Laws and Policies on Religion and the Times

12. On Religion in Democratic Countries

13. Political Participation of Religious Groups in the United States

14. An Analysis of Issues With the Involvement of Religion in Politics in the United States

15. The Puritan Concept of Contract As Holy Covenant and Its Harsh Liabilities if Breached

16. The Way Christianity was Incorporated into English Law

17. The Concept of Law in the Field of Religion

18. On the Relationship between Freedom of Religion and the Freedom of Assembly

19. The Need for Self-Control and Tolerance in Freedom of Religion

20. The Future of Freedom of Religion

21. Two Christians in Xinjiang Detained for Evangelism; A Christian Petitioner From Hubei Province Chased and Blocked from Going to Beijing

22. Christians in Inner Mongolia Administratively Detained for Evangelism

23. Capitol Hill seminar on “Human Rights Challenges in China”:  Interview with Geng He, Chen Guangcheng and Bob Fu

24. A Christian Meeting Site in Wudushan, MianZhu is Raided

25. Authorities Issue Documents on Investigating and Collecting Information on House Churches; Believers in Shenzhen Questioned for Distributing Tracts on Foxconn Campus

26. Lawyer of Detained Christians in Xinjiang to File for Administrative Review; House Church Leaders Detained for Visiting Church Members

27. Believers’ Training Meeting Dispersed in Jiangsu; Christian Gathering in Xinjiang Searched and Items Confiscated

28. House Church Meeting Sites in Various Places in Danger; Pastors Investigated and Believers Threatened

29. House Church in Yili Closed Down; ChinaAid Denounces Action

30. Two Guangzhou House Churches Forced by Landlord to Relocate; Believers Blocked from Applying for Passports and Travel Permits

The full Chinese-language issue is available here:

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