Chinese Activist Beaten After Video's Release by Gary Lane CBN News Senior International Correspondent

One of China’s most prominent human rights activists and his wife have been brutally beaten following the release of a video exposing their house arrest.
According to China Aid and the group China Human Rights Defenders, public security officials beat Chen Guangcheng and his wife so severely they were unable to move from their bed.
They were also denied the right to hospitalization.
Chen is blind and a long-time defender of forced abortion and forced sterilization victims in China. He was imprisoned for more than four years and has been under house arrest since his release last September.
China Aid president Bob Fu said Chen knew the video’s release could endanger him, but he did it because he wants a better China.
“He said, ‘Let’s join hands together, this is our last fight and we cannot let the darkness occupy the land of China for so long,'” Fu said.
Fu previously met with members of the U.S. Congress along with U.S. State Department and White House officials in the hope of convincing the Obama administration to speak out for Chen and Chinese human rights.

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