Chinese Communist Party “secretly” bans all Christmas events but two…

College students at a Christmas event, holding slogans saying, “Resist Christmas.” 
(Photo: ChinaAid)
(Beijing—Dec. 25, 2020) For the China Communist Party (CCP) to prevent its official “secret” ban on Christmas from being exposed, the atheistic government only sent the ban to China’s section-level departments and above. Chinese government authorities severely suppress Christmas and consider any form of Christmas activity beyond the following two designated exceptions as illegal: 

  1. attending government-sanctioned Three-self churches;
  2. Christian gatherings among family members at their own homes.

To suppress Chinese citizens’ belief in Christmas, authorities delivered the government order that strictly bans related events to lower-level departments under the ministry of national defense, the ministry of education, the ministry of industry and commerce, the ministry of health, etc. The CCP uses the levels of the ban’s implementation by staff and departments as the indicator for their performance appraisals. Results of evaluations link to promotions, rewards, and/or punishments of front-line staff.

“Sister” Li, a Christian teacher, reported that recently when her school gave her a religious belief survey form to complete, she honestly reported her belief as “Christian.” Afterward, her principal urged her to conform to China’s new “Regulations on Religious Affairs.” Sister Li’s principal reminded her that the government not only appraises compliance with religious belief regulations on each employee—it also evaluates staff members as a whole. “If authorities punish all staff because you or another individual employee fails the appraisal,” her principal warned, “neither you nor they could continue to work here.”

Not only does the CCP ban participation in all but two Christmas events, it stipulates that soldiers with Christian beliefs are not eligible for promotions in the army. Neither can any department handling confidential information or archives employ soldiers with any religious belief.

Some Chinese citizens like those pictured at the start of this story “resist Christmas” to comply with the CCP regulation prohibiting participation in all but two Christmas events.

Some “resist Christmas.”


*dressed in Han Chinese clothing


And she [Mary] 
will bring forth a Son, and 
you shall call His name 
for He will save His people 
from their sins.” 
So all this was done 
that it might be fulfilled 
which was spoken by the 
Lord through the prophet, saying: 
“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, 
and bear a Son, and 
they shall call His name 
which is translated,
 “God with us.” 
                                        ~ Matthew 1:21–23

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