Chinese House Church Leaders to Testify at UN; Torture Equipment and Labor Camp Products Displayed;

China Aid Association
For the second time in the history of the United Nations, the oppressed Chinese House Church leaders will testify at a parallel meeting in the UN headquarter in Geneva during the 61st annual meeting of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva . The theme of the meeting is about religious repression, torture, sexual abuse and arbitrary detention in China. Ms Liu Xianzhi, a 34 year-old leader of a house church, who escaped from China after serving six years in a labour camp, recounts her own personal experience of torture, sexual abuse and arbitrary imprisonment in China.
“The condition of religious persecution in China overall has steadily deteriorated – particularly since the year 2002,” said Rev. Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association and a former house church pastor in Beijing. “Within the first 9 months of 2004 we recorded over 400 arrests …
China Aid also releases a recently obtained government secret document; entitled “Education Campaign Action Plan Against Cults” dated January 28, 2005, issued by the Communist Party Committee, Shayang County [Issue No.1 (2005)].
Mr. Stuart Windsor, National Director, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, UK, also speaks about the Chinese government’s clear violations of international law by making numerous arbitrary detentions/arrests of underground Catholic and Protestant believers.
Husband and son of the murdered Christian Ms Jiang Zongxiu standing before her prepared tomb first page of the original secret document
A video interview with the family members of Ms. Jiang Zongxiu who was arrested June 18, 2004, and beaten to death during her interrogation, is aired during the meeting. The video footage also contains photos of Ms. Jiang’s remains showing bruises on her legs and neck. Read Transcript

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