Chinese human rights activist shaves hair in protest

Zhao Chunhong (right) and Li Yu (left) protest the darkness of the CCP
(Photo: Twitter)

(Hebei Province, China—December 18, 2021) Zhao Chunhong, a Hebei human rights activist, shaved her hair in an act of performance art to protest the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The state of human rights in China is abysmal, with millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps and religious freedom violated on a daily basis. Zhao Chunhong believes the acts of the Chinese government reflect a time of lawlessness and darkness. “In this dark night, I need this light on my head to light my way,” Zhao said, referring to her newly shaved head. Li Yu, a Christian petitioner, joined Zhao by shaving her head as well. 

Efforts by human rights activists continue to rise with the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

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