Chinese Scholar Detained for "Making Noise"

March 8, 2010
Last Updated: 3/10/2010

UPDATE: For additional information on Dr. Fan’s detention and the serial interrogations and surveillance of other human rights advocates, read the article by Verna Lu for South China Morning Post–3/8/2010.
BEIJING–On Saturday, well-known Christian legal scholar Dr. Fan Yafeng planned to meet with a Spanish press reporter for dinner. He received a call earlier in the week, advising him not to attend the meeting with the foreign reporter. Refusing to be intimidated by the police, Dr. Fan made plans to attend anyway.
Before he could leave for the dinner on Saturday, Dr. Fan heard a knock on his door. The Beijing policemen confronted Dr. Fan with a notice charging him with allegedly “making noise,” (due to his lack of cooperation with Chinese officials) and swiftly escorted him from his home. Two guards monitored Dr. Fan’s wife in their home, as they detained him in a local police for over 9 hours to prevent his meeting with the reporter.
After his release, Dr. Fan spoke with a reporter from The Australian. “Why can’t I speak out and say what I think?” he fumed. Dr. Fan further vowed, “If they stop me, I will sit to protest downstairs. If they arrest me, I will hunger-strike until they free me or I die.”
This is the second time Dr. Fan yafeng has been specifically targeted by the Beijing PSB in the past six months. He was summarily dismissed from his senior researcher position at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences “for political reasons” in November, 2009. See the article from 11/03/2010. He has further been instrumental in the legal defense work for the highly sensitive Linfen Case in Shanxi, garnering him increased attention and harassment from Chinese authorities. (Visit for more information on the Linfen Case.)
ChinaAid denounces this unjust treatment of Dr. Fan Yafeng by the Beijing authorities. We call on the international community to pray for the end of persecution of Christian faithfuls, and against those who continue to speak out on the abuses by the Chinese government.

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This article references story “Chinese critics held as ‘the people’ meet,” by Michael Sainsbury for The Australian, released March 8, 2010.

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