CHRD Documents Human Rights Abuses Since Nobel Peace Prize

By China Human Rights Defenders
English Translation by ChinaAid
November 12, 2010

A comprehensive summary of the Chinese government’s acts of suppression since Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize
—Source: China Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) November 9, 2010
On October 8, the committee for Nobel Peace Prize in Norway announced it will award the Nobel Peace Prize to Dr. Liu Xiaobo, an imprisoned writer who is one of founders of China’s Charter 08. Since the announcement, the Chinese government has taken ruthless measures in suppressing rights defenders, dissidents and independent scholars in regard to Liu Xiaobo’s prize.
They have detained and summoned people who tried to deliver speeches or hold banquets in celebration of Liu Xiaobo’s prize, searched their homes, and placed them under house arrest. They have harassed, warned and stalked people who might go to Norway to attend the prize award ceremony. They also barred scholars from attending international academic and cultural exchanges, further worsening the human rights condition in China.
According to the information collected by CHRD, people who have suffered suppression in the past month because Liu Xiaobo was awarded the prize include:
  1. Those who have been detained:
On October 9, Wang Lihong, Zhao Changqing and Tufu (Wu Gan), rights defenders from Beijing, were placed under an 8-day detention by Xicheng Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau for holding a banquet in celebration of Liu Xiaobo’s prize.
On October 28, Guo Xianliang, an engineer from Yunnan, was placed under criminal detention by Guangzhou police, charged under the “suspicion of inciting subversion of state power” for distributing flyers carrying the news that Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize.
On November 8, Shen Minqiang, a citizen of Beijing, delivered a speech in front of the door of Liu Xiaobo’s house. He was first placed under administrative detention by Shijingshan PSB Branch. It was later changed to criminal detention.
2. The following people were summoned:
For celebrating Liu Xiaobo’s prize on October 8 and in the subsequent days, many people were summoned by government authorities. The following is a list of people summoned: about 20 people in Beijing: Wang Lihong, Zhao Changqing, Tufu (Wu Gan), Xu Zhiyong, Liu Jingsheng, Wang Guoqi, He Yang, Zhang Yongpan, Yin Yusheng, Zhao Fengsheng, Bao Longjun, Liao Shuangyuan, Wu Yuqin, Gao Jian, Wei Qiang, A Er, Xiao Lu and Tian Tian. 
Thirteen people in Shandong: Sun Wenguang, Li Hongwei, Ni Wenhua, Qin Zhigang, Liu Guiqin, Xie Jinyu, Hou Zonglan, Gao Xiangming, Li Wanlong, Gong Lei, Chen Qingquan, Li Changyu, Li Shijun.
Six people in Guizhou: Chen Xi, Huang Yanming, Du Heping, Shen Youlian, Xu Guoqing, Li Renke and others;  Guangxi: Duan Qixian, Zhang Wei and two petitioner rights defenders; Zhejiang: Zan Aizong; Hebei: Zhu Xinxin. 
Ye Du, a member of Independent Chinese PEN Center of Guangzhou, was not only summoned, but his house was also searched on November 2.
  3. The following people have been placed under surveillance, stalked, or had their personal freedom restricted by police:
Bao Tong, Zhang Zuhua, Liu Xiao, Ding Zilin, Jiang Peikun, Jiang Qisheng, Hu Shigen, Gao Yu, Yu Meisun, Liu Suli, Liu Qiangben, Feng Zhenghu, Fan Yafeng, Chen Tianshi, Yao Lifa, Zhang Shuji, Chen Guangbiao, Gao Jian, Tian Tian, Zhang Dajun, Zhang Jiannan, Liu Di, Liu Junning, Liu Ning, Li Xiongbing, Zhao Fengsheng, Wang Yi, Sun Wenguang, Qi Zhiyong, Wang Lihong, Li Zhiying, A Er, Wang Zhongxia, He Yang, Jiang Tianyong, Li Fangping, Xu Zhiyong, Pu Zhiqiang, Zhao Changqing, Wang Guangze, Xu Youyu, Cui Weiping, Xia Yeliang, Zhang Hui, Yu Jie, Hua Ze, Hou Wenbao, Wang Jinbo, Mo Zhixu and others.
  4. Those who have received a warning or have been harassed:
Besides the above-mentioned people and Liu Xiaobo’s relatives, those who have received a warning that they are not allowed to participate in celebration or propaganda, or write articles and go abroad to attend the prize award ceremony are Yang Hai, Zhang Jiankang from Xi’an, Wang Debang from Guangxi, Wen Kejian from Zhejiang, Li Jianjun and Zhang Shanguang from Hunan, Mi Chongbiao, Mo Jiangang, Tian Zuxiang, Yong Zhiming, Liao Shuangyuan and Wu Yuqin from Guizhou, You Jingyou from Fujian, etc.
  5. Those who have been sent back to their native places by force are:
Zhao Changqing from Shaanxi, Tufu (Wu Gan) from Fujian, Hua Ze from Jiangxi, Zhang Hui, Gao Jian from Shanxi, Mo Zhixu from Sichuan, Hou Wenbao from Anhui, Chen Tianshi from Guangxi, and others.
  6. Those who have been barred from going abroad and from participating in international academic exchanges are:
On October 21, Ms. Cui Weiping, a professor from Beijing Film Academy, and Mr. Xu Youyu, a retired research fellow from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, were barred by the security divisions of their respective work units and police when they intended to attend on invitation a cultural exchange event at the Czech Embassy.
Just as Xu Youyu said in his letter to Cui Weiping after the incident that when the authorities totally disregard the comity of nations and blatantly bar scholars from attending an event for academic exchanges, it is their “frenzied retaliation” of Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize. 
Mr. Xia Yeliang, a professor from Peking University, was repeatedly questioned by the police about his relationship with Liu Xiaobo and was barred from receiving an interview.
On November 5 and November 6, when rights defenders Wang Jinglong and Yu Fangqiang from Beijing, Fang Cao from Anhui and Duan Qixian from Guangxi intended to go to Geneva for a training program in international human rights, they were barred by customs from exiting the country on the grounds that they might endanger the security of the state.
Early morning of November 7, Hao Jianying, a professor from Beijing Film Academy was invited by the Chinese University of Hong Kong to give a lecture on documentaries. When he intended to leave the country through Beijing Capital Airport, he was barred from exiting the country by Entry-Exit Management Division of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.
On the morning of November 9, the prominent human rights lawyer of Beijing Mr. Mo Shaoping and Mr. He Weifang, a professor from School of Law of Peking University, tried to go to London at the invitation of International Bar Association to attend a legal seminar. The two people were barred from exiting the country at Terminal 8 of Beijing Capital Airport on the grounds that they “may endanger the security of the state.”  According to analysis by some people related in the incident, the authorities are afraid they may go to Norway to attend the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.
According to reports by and other news sources, in order to prevent people from attending the seminar on China’s future and development held in Taiwan, Du Guang was hospitalized and Chen Ziming and Zhang Boshu were barred from attending the conference.
Because the authorities blocked information and news, the incidents mentioned above are only those reported by the media. We are sure that there are many other incidents where rights defenders, dissidents and independent scholars suffered suppression by the authorities because of Dr. Liu Xiaobo’s prize that are not known to the public due to blockage of information.
Such an unscrupulous and large-scale violation by the Chinese authorities of citizens’ personal freedom and their freedom of speech, assembly, movement and entry and exit from one’s country is a blatant violation of the clauses on protecting citizens’ basic rights in such international human rights documents as the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and “Declaration of Human Rights Defenders.” In the meantime, the conduct of the Chinese authorities also violates the basic rights endowed to the Chinese citizens by the Constitution and it violates the Chinese government’s own much repeated slogans of “rule of the country according to law” and “building a harmonious society.”
Given this, CHRD strongly demands that the Chinese government immediately stop violating rights and keep in the real sense of the word its promises that “the state respects and protects human rights!”

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