Christian Businessman in Xinjiang Tortured and Hospitalized

China Aid Association
Midland, Texas (CAA)—Sep 30, 2005)–On the morning of September 28, Mr. Tong Qimiao, a 45-year-old businessman from Zhejiang Province, was questioned by the state security agents of Kashgar. Since he had no idea about the information the agents demanded, he was beaten so seriously that he could not walk. They symbolically sent him to a nearby hospital to be X-rayed, and then dropped him off on a sidewalk, urging him to hurry home.
Mr. Tong could not move even a single step. So he had to call his wife Wang Miaofen, who immediately sent him to the hospital. The CT result showed that his rib was broken. Mr. Tong is currently being treated in ER No. 2, the Second People’s Hospital of Kashgar, which can be reached at 011-86-998-2528544.
Mr. Tong and his family moved to Korla, Xinjiang in 1998 to run a furniture business. In 2000 they moved to Kashgar in 2000 to expand their business.
In 2003, his church friend Mr. Wang Xinrong, an army veteran and full-time evangelist, was arrested and detained for almost three months. Due to inhumane torture and extreme intimidation, Mr. Wang suffers from mental disorders
“What is happening to Christians in Xinjiang is worrisome.” says Bob Fu, President of China Aid Association. “It appears a comprehensive campaign against Christians is underway in this region. People’s freedom of religion shall in no way be sacrificed in the name of the state security. We hope the state security authorities can bring true security to the people.”

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