Christian Daily: Christians in China prevent authorities from demolishing church for Buddhist temple construction

Christian Daily
By Lorraine Caballero

24 August, 2016 10:19 pm

■ A group of Christians in China were able to save their church from being demolished for a plan to build a Buddhist temple on the property.

Wei, a man in charge of the Mengen Church, said a local official named Pan Dingqun ordered an electrician to cut off their power and water supply on July 28. However, they convinced the electricians not to do as he was told, China Aid reports.

The Mengen Church members successfully gathered 147 signatures for a petition asking for their church to be spared from demolition. Pan, on the other hand, is still discussing with his colleagues further attempts to cut off the church’s power supply.

“[On July 28] several Christians went into town to report this matter, because our church has all the legal documents,” one of the church members said. “The town’s government personnel replied that they would conduct an investigation into this matter, but I am afraid they have collaborated [with the people who instigated the case]. The result will not likely be good.”

(Reuters/Lang Lang) A local resident rides a bicycle past a
church in Xiaoshan, a commercial suburb of Hangzhou, the
capital of China’s east Zhejiang province. December 21, 2006.

In a separate incident in April, a Christian in Zhumadian in Hena province died trying to stop authorities from demolishing their church. Ding Cuimei was buried alive when she fell into a ditch as she tried to halt the demolition of the Beitou Church, the Express details.

China Aid said the demolition team was ordered to run her over. One of them reportedly told his companion to “bury them alive for me.” The same man said the Chinese government wants to control the growth of Christianity in the country.

The crackdown on Christianity in China has seen more than two thousand crosses forcefully removed from churches. Two years ago, the state launched a campaign to erase Christianity in the province of Zhejiang.

As of now, an estimated five percent of China’s population is made up of Christians. The Chinese government allegedly wants to lower that number and regulate “excessive religious rites” in the Communist country.

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