Christian detained after trying to join Early Rain

Long Kehai and his daughter during their birthday party
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

China—June 29, 2022) Early Rain Covenant Church disclosed that Long Kehai, a
Christian, moved from Gansu province to Chengdu to become a member of Early
Rain Covenant Church. National security officers transported him back home before
he could finish moving. Nobody could contact Long for three days, until a
Christian of Early Rain called a national security officer. They confirmed that
Long Kehai has been administratively detained.


Long Kehai
disclosed the matter on Facebook on June 25, posting:


“Goodbye, friends. I will be taken away by national security
officers from my new house in Sichuan to Longnan, Gansu province. What awaits
me? Everyone knows!


Long Kehai
moved to Chengdu to seek authentic faith, hoping to become a member of Early Rain.
On June 12, Early Rain Covenant Church’s community group held a party to
celebrate his and a little girl’s birthday. Long Kehai said “A day filled with
joy. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank the Lord! Shout out to sisters of the
church who love each other in Christ. So joyful and happy!”


On the same
day, however, Long Kehai received a different kind of birthday present from
Gansu national security officers—two administrative penalty decisions, two 10-day
detentions in a row. One of the Administrative Penalty Decision claims that they
found out that Long Kehai received, watched, and commented on violent, terrorist
videos in early May. They claimed he used the WeChat account registered via his
own cell phone number.


Long’s first administrative penalty decision
(Photo: ChinaAid source)


The other
Administrative Penalty Decision claims that Long Kehai spread rumors and other
fake news multiple times using the WeChat account registered with his cell
phone number since May, which constitutes “fabricating facts and disturbing the
social order.”


Security officers told Long Kehai that the enforcement of two penalties would
be postponed due to the pandemic. Also, they told him explicitly, “We won’t
take you out of Chengdu right now, but we will see how it goes. You should be
cautious about what you say and do, and there shouldn’t be any speech against
the Party and government online before the 20th CPC National
Congress. Otherwise, you will be penalized and accountable for your conduct,
the past and present, and it will become a criminal case.”


Long Kehai
asked people on Facebook, “Sisters and friends, what should I do while the CCP
police blatantly violates the Constitution, breaks the bottom line of laws and
morality, and harms citizens’ human rights?”


Long’s second administrative penalty
(Photo: ChinaAid source)


Long Kehai
was born in Jianyang, Sichuan. He worked at China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group
Co., Ltd Hanzhong construction section before being imprisoned. He resided in
Baoji City, Shaanxi. On March 4, 2019, Long Kehai was arrested by Shaanxi
Province Baoji Municipal National Security Department. Authorities suspected
him of “picking a quarrels and provoking trouble.” He was officially arrested
after being held under designated residential surveillance till May 15 and
transported to Shaanxi Province Baoji City Weibin District Detention Center.


According to
Long Kehai’s recount, 12 police officers and auxiliary officers watched him
every day during the designated residential surveillance. In addition, they
gave grueling trial to him, he was fastened to a torture device for 7 days and
6 nights and wasn’t removed off the device until he passed out. Long Kehai went
through multiple tortures before being transferred to the detention center.
Long Kehai still faced various harassments after being released on September
20, 2020. Local national security agents force him out of Baoji City. He had no
choice but to move to Longnan city, Gansu province, and authorities continued
to harass and monitor him. They ended up closing his bank accounts and monitoring
his wife and children as well. 


While living
in Gansu province, he was given several detentions and ran into constant
trouble from authorities. Gansu officials have not stopped pursuing him Early
Rain Covenant Church lifted up Long Kehai in prayer during their June 26 open


“Long is
passionate about justice and testifies the gospel with joy, he has suffered a
lot for the sake of justice, it is not unusual for him to be persecuted, expelled,
and detained. May the Lord keep him steadfast, protect him from the illegal
treatment, and strengthen his faith.”


~Yu Bing,
ChinaAid Association Contributing Reporter



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