Christian Human Rights Law Firm Takes on “Jasmine Revolution” Cases

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(Beijing – May 24, 2011) The Beijing law firm of a well-known Christian human rights lawyer has agreed to represent two veteran political activists who have been arrested as part of the “Jasmine Revolution” crackdown in China, ChinaAid has learned.
The Gongxin Law Firm of human rights lawyer Li Baiguang agreed this month to represent Sichuan province activist Ding Mao and Zhejiang province activist Zhu Yufu, according to paperwork obtained by ChinaAid.
(Photos: Ding Mao, left; Zhu Yufu, right)

Both Ding and Zhu were taken into police custody early this spring as part of the “Jasmine Revolution” crackdown and both have been charged with “inciting subversion of state power.”
Zhu, who is from Hangzhou and is a baptized Christian, had written a poem to publicly support online calls for Jasmine Revolution-like actions in China. He was detained by police on March 5, and formally charged on April 11. Zhu had previously been in prison twice, for a total of nine years.
Ding had re-posted online information about the Middle East pro-democracy protests dubbed “Jasmine Revolution.” He was detained on February 20 by Chengdu police, and on March 28, the Mianyang Municipal Procuratorate approved his arrest on suspicion of “inciting subversion of state power.” He is currently being held in the Mianyang city detention center. Ding also had been incarcerated twice before, for a total of 10 years.
Ding’s wife, Feng Xia, attends worship services in Chengdu at the Autumn Rain Church of prominent law professor and elder Wang Yi. Her phone number is 159-2873-4575.
(Caption: Signed documents to hire the Gongxin Law Firm to represent Ding Mao, left, and Zhu Yufu, right.)
(Caption: Zhu Yufu’s detention notice, left; Zhu Yufu’s arrest warrant, right.)

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