Christian Petitioner Shen Peilan Kidnapped Again

March 31, 2010

SHANGHAI – In the afternoon of March 24, 2010, Shanghai Minxing Maqiao government officers kidnapped Sister Shen Peilan for the second time this month; her present whereabouts are still unknown.
On March 16, 2010, Christian petitioner Shen Peilan was rescued from a 9-day captivity in Beijing by two attorneys and Beijing police.  However, after Sister Shen returned to Shanghai, the local officials continuously oppressed her.  Before the Shanghai Expo event, local authorities often put human rights defenders like Peilan under house arrest in the name of “security reasons for the Shanghai Expo.”
Citing the need to “build a harmonious environment for the 2010 Shanghai Expo,” Maqiao government officers placed Shen Peilan under house arrest on March 23rd. They forbade her from going to the hospital or buying groceries. At 4:00 PM on March 24th, eight Maqiao government officers burst into Shen’s home and attempted to kidnap her by force. Shen’s family immediately called the police.
She escaped with her husband’s help and hid in the bedroom, and the officials left immediately when the police arrived.  But later more officers came in two cars, pursued and cornered Shen, and forced her to get in their car.  They cut off Shen’s telephone line and confiscated her cell phone. Shen has not been seen since then.

China Aid Association appeals to the Shanghai officials to stop persecuting Christians and release Sister Shen immediately. We pray that the authorities in Shanghai will repent and respect the law. We also call on Christians worldwide to pray for the persecuted brothers and sisters, and especially for Sister Shen’s safety.
For more information on Shen Peilan’s previous abduction, see previous press release:  Beijing Attorneys Rescue Christian Petitioner from 9-Day Abduction

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