Christian service raided in Henan province, 1st-trial Verdict of 8 Christian in Zhejiang 7.29 event

China Aid Association
(Midland, Texas — January 15, 2007) Christian service raided in Henan province, 1st-trial Verdict of 8 Christians in Zhejiang 7.29 event
CAA learned that on January 6, 2007 the local police from Yongfeng township police station in Xiuwu county, Henan province, raided a Christian gathering held in Chencun village. 11 Christians were taken to the police station; only 2 of them were released the next day.
According to the eyewitness, the event happened at 4 PM January 6, 2007, when 14 Christians gathered in a house in Chencun village. The police broke into and proclaimed the gathering a cultic activity and illegal gathering.
11 Christians were brought to Huifeng township police station for interrogation. The police released 2 Christians the next day, the rest are still in detention.
The names of some of the Christians in detention are:
Ju Xiang, female, 48 years old;
Liu Xiaoduo, female, 42 years old;
Wang Sheqin, female, 40 years old;
Fu Juyi, female, 36 years old;
Hong Xia, female, 37 years old;
Xue Xianghuo, Male, 49 years old;
Xue Xiaona, Male, 34 years old

CAA has been providing legal and financial help to the Christians in detention, and appeal to the local police to release the Christians immediately.
CAA received the 1st trial verdict of the 8 Christian leaders in Zhejiang 7.29 church demolition event. Please click the links below to read the summary of the verdict on the website of CAA.

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