Christian Sues Bureau of Culture For Unlawfully Confiscating Sunday School Materials

April 16, 2010
ZHEIJIANG–Christian Xu Jinghui of Jiaojiang District, Taizhou, filed suit against the Chinese government for unlawfully confiscating Christian literature and fining him 30,000 yuan ($4394.97). On August 21, 2009,  Xu ordered the shipping of “Reading Materials of the Bible for Children” to other Christians out-of town. Before the shipping office could transfer the mail, authorities from the Public Security Bureau, Domestic Security Protection Squad, State Administration for Religious Affairs, and the Bureau of Culture arrived at the shipping company office on August 22 to halt the transder and to “pre-register” the Christian books. More than a month later, the Bureau of Culture made the administrative decision to confiscate the materials, stating Xu had violated Article 29 of “Regulations on Publications.”
Article 29 of “Regulations on Publications” stipulates that all businesses are subject to regulation by the government. According to Xu, the Sunday school materials were illegally seized, as he had not conducted a business transaction, but was merely attempting to freely distribute materials as a gift to known persons. The action could not be legally considered soliciting or as a business transactions, as the materials were not bought or sold and were sent to Christians “internally,” to personal contacts. Based on the nature of seizing the materials due to false evidence and the misclassification of his actions as an “illegal business transaction,” Xu Jinghui exercised his right to freedom of speech and religion, and filed suit against  the JIaojiang District Bureau of culture the return of the books, discs and other materials.  Legally, Xu Jinghui is protected by the Chinese Constitution, granting him freedom of speech and religion.
Read the full Administrative Indictment, repealing the decision issued by the Jiaojiang District Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, TV, News Publication, on March 31, 2010.
ChinaAid urges the international community to pray for Xu Jinghui and Christians in Zhejiang.  We urge Zhejiang authorities uphold rule of law and adhere to the rights of Chinese citizens as guaranteed by their Constitution, to express worship freely. We call on the authorities to stop persecuting Christians for their religious beliefs under a pretense of “lawful arrests.” ChinaAid grants permission to reproduce photos and/or information for non-fundraising purposes, with the provision that is credited. Please contact: [email protected] for further information.

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