Christian Times: Church in China attacked, pastor injured for disrupting feng shui in village

The Christian Times
Suzette Gutierrez Cachila

19 June, 2016

■ The pastor of a Chinese church was badly injured when a group of people suddenly attacked the church facility before a prayer meeting.

The attack, which caught the church by surprise, was initiated by a regional official of the Communist Party.

According to China Aid, the church was about to hold a prayer meeting when villagers rushed into the facility, destroying whatever they could find including religious literature and Bibles. The attackers kept the church members from praying and worshipping by threatening them with electric cables.

When the attackers left, a church staff was able to call the police for help, but when they arrived, they only observed the place and left the building without conducting an investigation.

The attackers came back when the police were gone. This time, they stoned the pastor, who suffered from wounds and injuries. The pastor lost consciousness and was later taken to Yizhou Hospital.

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funds – church authorities January 31, 2016 0:240pm EST

The church has been persecuted since March this year after the village leader and a resident incited others to harass the church. They would seal its entrance, cut off its power, destroy the property and prevent the church members from meeting together.

The villagers believe the church building’s location is causing a disturbance in the feng shui of the place. The church is standing at the center of the village, and the people think this is the reason why disease and death are entering the village, which made them harass the church repeatedly.

The church has asked government authorities for help but no one has responded.

Christians in China are being persecuted for various reasons. Churches not belonging to the Three-Self Patriotic Movement are being raided as part of the government’s efforts to destroy the house churches. Such raids are said to have affected an estimated 100 million people, according to Voice of the Martyrs.

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