Christians help provide Bibles for China this Christmas

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Christians help provide Bibles for China this Christmas
Gospel Herald Correspondent
Fri, Dec, 14 2007 01:23 AM PT

Thousands of Chinese Christians will receive the gift of God’s Word thanks to Christians in England and Wales.
Responding to a Bible Society appeal, many gave to help provide Bibles for Christians in China, where some 15,000 people are coming to faith every day.
Enough money has been raised this Christmas to print more than 10,000 new Bibles in the Communist country, where in many churches a single Bible is shared by ten people.
The appeal comes in light of recent celebrations when the 50 millionth Bible rolled off the presses at China’s Amity Printing Company, in Nanjing. Forty two million went to Chinese Christians and eight million were distributed in various languages worldwide.
“When people don’t have access to Scriptures they can read and understand, this is Bible poverty,” said Peter Meadows, Bible Society’s Director of Giving and Communications.
“And Christians are helping to fight it by providing Bibles where they are needed like in China’s rapidly growing church. We are grateful for this show of support.
With your help, we can leave a lasting legacy of God’s unchanging Word in people’s lives.”
Bible Society’s work is driven by the fact that across the world millions waits to encounter the Bible in formats they can use, languages they can understand and at prices they can afford. For instance;
There are about 6,900 languages in the world, yet more than half of those who speak these languages are still waiting for just one copy of the Bible. A billion people do not read, yet only three per cent of languages have the Bible in audio.
Bible lovers can help place the Bible in the hands of many others who wait by calling 0845 9272120 or visiting the website

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