Church Meeting in Heilongjiang Disrupted by PSB


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(HEILONGJIANG – Nov. 11, 2010) On November 10, 2010, PSB officers and representatives from the Bureau of Religion surrounded a church meeting as it was taking place in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang.
The general ledger of the church was confiscated with a receipt by Director Yuan from the Shuangcheng Municipal Bureau for Ethnic and Religious Affairs.
Contact information for:
Director Yuan + 86 159 4514 7779
Sister Wu, Shuangcheng Church +86 150 4613 9143
Since Liu Xiaobo was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize and the convening of Lausanne Congress, the Chinese government has increased suppression of house churches.
Their oppression experienced by Shengshan Church and Dr. Fan Yafeng, the leader of Christian Human Rights Lawyers of China, has especially aroused strong resentment from Christians across China and serious concern from the international community.
Pastor Bob Fu believes that such persecution can only heighten unity among churches and promote the integration of house churches throughout China and the world. It is just as Lord Jesus Christ said to Saul when he persecuted the Him, “It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”

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