Church training in Henan raided by police

China Aid Association
(Hengshui, Henan – April 4, 2011) Police and religious affairs officials raided a church workers training session in central China’s Henan province, detaining all the participants and illegally confiscating funds, ChinaAid has learned.

In Hengshui village, Mengjin county, fifteen house church workers attending the training from Henan and several other provinces including Shanxi and the far western region of Xinjiang were taken away March 15 by Public Security Bureau officers and Religious Affairs Bureau officials. Fourteen were later released, but Yao Huiting, the woman whose home was the venue for the training, was held for more than 10 days.
The authorities also seized more than 20,000 yuan in funds to cover the training costs, but failed to follow legal procedures that require proper documentation of confiscated items. They also siezed a vehicle, which may not be returned.
ChinaAid condemns the Henan authorities for persecuting the participants and organizers of this  lawful church training, and calls on them to quickly return the funds that were illegally seized. We hope that all Christians will pay attention to this incident and keep this in their prayers.

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