College Students Arrested and Detained for Worshipping

China Aid
April 8, 2010

INNER MONGOLIA- Persecution of grassroots house church Christians in Inner Mongolia has intensified since last June.  Eight Chinese college students from Neimenggu, Wuhai were captured and put into administrative detention when officials from the bureau of public safety crashed a worship service on February 1.  The students crime: being part of a Christian ministry.  Three students, Liu Changfu, Shi Mengen and Han Wendian, are still being held captive due to their “crimes.”  The officers interrogated the students one by one and; after being held and overnight, several students were released and able to return to the school the following day.  One student, Shi Yonghong,  was held until early March due to weak health conditions.
On February 2, the day following the students’ detentions, Yang Huilan, wife of detained student Liu Changfu, was arrested at home. The officials confiscated items from the couple, including books and a laptop. The Procuratorate has not approved of the arrest, and Huilan is still in detention.  In early April, Huilan’s elder sister went to the police station to inquire about Huilan’s condition. The police illegally arrested Huilan’s sister and confiscated books at her home. Local officials put restrictions on the local Christians’ living and activities and threaten to arrest anyone who inquires about the arrested Christians.
This is not the first time this group of  students in Inner Mongolia have been arrested or detained because of their Christian faith.  On June 9, 2009, Christians were fellowshiping at Liu Changfu’s house. Some local police and government officers burst into the room and arrested Yang Huilan, Yang Xiaolan and Duan Chenglan. Huilan was detained for 15 days and imposed a 1000 RMB fine ($146.63). Yang Xiaolan and Duan Chenglan were detained for 10 days and imposed a 500RMB fine ($73.31) each.
China Aid urges the Chinese government to take measures in protecting the religious freedom if its citizens. We encourage Christians to pray for the prosperity and release of Huilan, Changfu, Mengen and WendianWe pray that authorities in Inner Mongolia will repent from unlawful arrests and respect the law.

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