Court sends home Two Christian teachers for Chinese New Year

(Wuhu, China—January 14, 2023) Wang Minghai and Wan Hongxia, two teachers charged with “illegal business operation,” were secretly tried on January 12. The Court sent both defendants home under residential surveillance, thanks to their attorney’s efforts. Both Wang and Wan returned home and reunited with their families. However, the Court did not publicly announce its verdict.

School raided

On May 27, 2021, police raided Xuande School of Mount Carmel Church—a house church in Wuhu. Dozens of national security officers and personnel of the Religious Affairs Bureau broke into the classrooms and seized three teachers, including Wan Hongxia. Authorities confiscated their cell phones, computers, and books. In the meantime, Wang Minghai, another teacher, was surrounded and arrested while working his second job at the hospital. The police took all four Christian teachers to the detention center, eventually releasing the other two on bail.

The next day, the Wuhu City Bureau of Civil Affairs announced on its website, saying it shut down Xuande School.

Perseverance in prison

According to the families of Wang Minghai and Wan Hongxia, Wang and Wan prayed constantly while being detained at the detention center, held their faith dear, felt comforted enormously by Jesus Christ, and testified to Christ with their tenderness and bravery in front of others. They didn’t plead guilty nor accept punishment but believed what they did was neither against God’s will nor illegal. According to the families, Wang and Wan were willing to bear the cross and be jailed with other Christians who are imprisoned for the sake of the gospel.

Impact on students

Wang Minghai worked as the associate chief physician at Wuhu Third-level grade-A Hospital Gastrointestinal Department. With his help, many students who disliked schoolwork became enthusiastic about learning. He served students and parents with humility, working without pay. Rather, he gives money and financially supports students each year. Wang Hongxia was a successful businesswoman before teaching at Xuande School. Later, she served students sincerely, guiding and impacting children with her tender heart.

~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Contributing Reporter

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