Dai Zhichao under house arrest during the 20th National Congress

Photo: COVID prevention staff came to Dai’s home to test him (ChinaAid source)

(Chengdu, China—October 18, 2022) Due to the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Early Rain Covenant Church’s preacher Dai Zhichao has been illegally confined at home for almost three weeks. On September 28, several people appeared near his home and monitored him 24 hours a day since.  


COVID-prevention authorities came to Dai’s door on October 15, requiring him to take a COVID test. He and his wife questioned them and asked why they could not come downstairs to test like the other residents. An argument transpired between Dai and one of the plainclothes officers, Mr. Sun. Dai Zhichao caught the whole argument on video. 


Mr. Sun asked him, “Do you know how to sing the National Anthem? … You are a cult member. You are an evil person!” He tried to take preacher Dai’s phone.   

Mr. Sun pointed his finger at Dai and called him an evil cult member (Photo: ChinaAid source)

Not only did Mr. Sun lead the crew monitoring Dai’s family, but he also harassed the family over the past year. Authorities administratively detained Dai for two weeks last year for attending a church Sunday service. When Dai was released, police officers gave Mr. Sun and Dai a ride in the police car. When they arrived at Dai’s community, Mr. Sun led a group of elderly people to chant “We don’t welcome you. Move away right away.” Later they jammed Dai’s door keyhole and vandalized his door with red paint that said “pay your debt.” 


During the recent more than 10 days when Dai’s family was confined at home, the community management office sent staff to his home twice to do a nucleic acid test. They were polite and Dai’s family was willing to cooperate. However, Mr. Sun and his staff talked like interrogating criminals and screamed outside. 


In the end, Dai’s family agreed to do a nucleic acid test at home. They left after the test was done. Then Dai wrote about the experience:   


I want to find time to talk to Mr. Sun. I never had any personal conflict with him. But his heart is so distorted. He hates Christians for no reason. He is deeply controlled by hatred instilled into him through brainwash. I pray God to release him and give him true freedom. 

COVID prevention staff told Dai they could not go downstairs for the test (Photo: ChinaAid source)


Dai continued: 

Since I was put under home confinement on September 29, my heart was full of peace. I didn’t accuse anyone. I learned to rely on God and talk to God to face with the situation. But when faced with today’s illegal infringement, I began to think that my forbearance may have indulged them for their evil deeds. I pray God to strengthen me and help me to fight the war. I believe God is in charge. Although I will face many more harassment and disturbance in my life, I pray God to be our help.   

My family’s situation has been written in the Holy Bible. What happened to our family is like what happened to Lot in Sodom. We feel sad about the situation, and our heart are tested by God. We often feel too weak to deal with such circumstances. 

Thank you, Brothers and Sisters for your prayers and care. I pray God to lead our way and bless us with gentleness and endurance. I pray God to send his army to protect us and save all his children who love Him. I also pray God to show His mercy on China and let the gospel root deeper in China.

~ Yu Bing, China Aid special reporter 

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