Decision Statement of Administrative Penalty by Haizhu RAB of Guangzhou City, Guangdong

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                                                                       Hai Min Zong Fa Zi (2008) No. 1
Name of the party concerned: Wang Dao
Identification number: 460025197709294515
Address for the household registration: Team 2 of Heshan, Zhongrui Farm, Ding’an County, Hainan Province.
On the morning of December 14, 2008, the party concerned here organized and held religious activities at a site not approved for religious activities (Second floor, No. 11 of Yiyuan Road, Haizhu District). It is a violation of Article 20 of the “Regulations on Religious Affairs.” Pursuant to Article 43 of the “Regulations on Religious Affairs,” it is decided that the party receive the penalty of being ordered to stop their activities. In case of an objection to this decision of penalty, the party may apply for an administrative reconsideration or apply for an administrative litigation.
Location of penalty: Second floor, No. 11, Yiyuan Road, Haizhu District.
Law enforcement officer: (illegible)
Date of announcement of the decision statement: December 14, 2008
Signature of the party concerned: Wang Dao
December 14, 2008
Seal: Haizhu District Bureau for Ethnic Religious Affairs of Guangzhou
This decision statement of penalty was delivered to the party concerned on the same day the penalty was imposed. Signature: Wang Dao.

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