Detained Christian’s case returned for additional investigation

Officials raid a house church gathering
in Guizhou province.
(Photo: China Aid)

China Aid
Reported in Chinese by Qiao Nong. Translated by Carolyn Song. Written in English by Brynne Lawrence.

(Changji, Xinjiang—Aug. 25, 2016) A local Procuratorate returned the case of five detained Christians to the public security bureau for further investigation in late July.

On March 5, more than 200 government agents surrounded and raided a meeting consisting of church leaders from several house churches at the home of Zheng Lan, a Christian whose residence doubled as a meeting place for an unofficial church. Police took Zheng and four other Christians—Liu Yan, Chen Yajie, Wang Lulu and Yang Zhaocun—into custody and administratively detained them the next day for “gathering a crowd to disturb public order.”

The public security bureau transferred the case to the Procuratorate for prosecution, but the Procuratorate ruled that the officials had insubstantial evidence and returned the case for further investigation last month.

China Aid supports persecuted Christians in China by exposing abuses the Communist Party enacts against them, such as those suffered by house church members.

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