Updated: Detainees released in Zhejiang

This photo shows the inside of a hotel room that was converted
into a black jail. Several Wenzhou detainees are being held in
black jails like this. (China Aid Stock Photo)

China Aid 
Written in English by Ava Collins.

Updated at 9:56 a.m. CDT, on Dec. 22, 2015: As of Dec. 22, China Aid received a report that three more detainees were released: Wei Wenhai, Pan Liyue and Zhang Zhi. The name of another Wenzhou detainee, Zhang Chongzhu, was also recently discovered. China Aid will continue to update this list as further information is received.

(Wenzhou, Zhejiang—Dec. 14, 2015) Authorities in China’s coastal Zhejiang released six detainees on Friday and Saturday, though at least 10, including prominent human rights lawyer Zhang Kai, are still detained.

The released include four church leaders, Zhou Jian, Huang Xiaoyuan, Cheng Chaohua and Wang Yunxian, and two of Zhang Kai’s legal assistants, Liu Peng and Fang Xiangui. All were released on Friday, except for Wang, who was released the following day. Fang said that during his four-month imprisonment in the “black jail,” he was subjected to intense psychological pressure but not physical torture, according to his lawyer, Lei Xiaodong.

The list of those still detained in Wenzhou is as follows:

1. Yan Xiaojie, pastor of Longwan Christian Church. Criminally detained since Sept. 3.
2. Wei Wenhai, pastor. Update: Released Dec. 16.
3. Cheng Congping, pastor.
4. Pan Liyue, church member. Secretly detained since Sept. 7. Update: Released.
5. Zhang Zhi, pastor. Administrative detention. Update: Released on Dec. 22.
6. Zhang Kai, lawyer. Detained in black jail since Aug. 25.
7. Huang Yizi, pastor of Fengwo church. Detained in black jail since Sept. 21. Huang was previously detained for a year and released in August, just before his current detention began.
8. Bao Guohua, senior pastor of Jinhua City Christian Church. Detained since July 26.
9. Xing Wenxiang, wife of Bao Guohua. Detained since July 26.
10. Bao Chenxing, son of Bao Guohua. Detained since July 26.
11. Update: Zhang Chongzu, pastor of Pyongyang TSPM Christian Church. Detained in black jail since Sept. 8.

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(Correction: A previous version of this article listed Pan Liyue’s name incorrectly as Oan Liyue.)

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