Document of Comprehensive Management Committee of Public Security of Qiaerbage Township

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Qia She Zong Zhi Fa [2004] No. 10

Decision on Handling the Illegal Religious Activities in Mujin Zhang’s Rental House in Qiaerbage Village

To all villages and complexes,
At about 18:00 on the afternoon of April 27, 2004, during a production safety inspection conducted by Township Comprehensive Management Committee, organized militia of the Armed Division and the Joint Defense Team, it was found that illegal Christian activities were being held at Mujin Zhang’s rental house located at 27, Lane 1, Group 1 in Qiaerbage Village.  A total of nine people attended the gathering at the house and eight of them are vagrants.  It is also  learned that the Christian activities had been held there for several months and Mujin Zhang the landlord did not try to stop it or report it to the Village Party Committee.  This is a serious violation of the regulations on the vagrants and rental houses of this township.  In order to educate this person and deliver a severe blow to the illegal religious activities and to endure the social stability of this township, the Township Comprehensive Management Committee has conducted studies on the issue and has made the following decisions pursuant to the state’s relevant stipulations on the management of “Religious Venues” and the regulations on the management of “Vagrants and Rental Houses” in Qiaerbage Village:  Abulaiti.Abulimiti, party secretary of Qiaerbage Village, Abulikemu.Yahefu, director of the Village Party Committee shall each be fined 200 yuan; Aihemaiti.Reheman, company commander of the militia, Yimamu.Palita, leader of Group 1 shall each be fined 100 yuan; and Mujin Zhang the landlord shall be fined 2,000 yuan and his rental house shall be suspended from renting for a year.

Comprehensive Management Committee of Qiaerbage Township
February 27, 2004.

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