Dr. Gao Yaojie Shares China's AIDS Crisis with U.S. Congress

December 3, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Renowned for her years of service to AIDS patients in China and her exposure of the blood bank scandal that fueled the crisis, Dr. Gao Yaojie shared her passion for the voiceless in her panel presentation at the Congressional Executive Commission on China’s Round-Table, held at 10:30 AM on Dec. 3rd on Capitol Hill. Having already launched her new book China’s AIDS Plague: 10,000 Letters at Tuesday’s press conference in Washington, D.C., Dr. Gao’s persistence and tenacity made an impact on those in attendance. Refusing to sit quietly, she made frequent remarks, keeping all panelists on their toes with her sharp and witty counterpoint.

She took her advocacy campaign a step further as she proceeded to meet with veteran Congressmen Frank Wolf (VA-10), Chris Smith (NJ-4), and a staff member from Joe Pitts office (PA-16) later in the afternoon.

In her final remarks, Dr. Gao Yaojie called the international community to take action on behalf of the voiceless in China: “My purpose in coming from China is to make the truth about the cause of AIDS [in China] known to the outside world. There are millions of AIDS-patients who were infected by blood transfusions. They are still voiceless, and must be better taken care of!”

ChinaAid encourages the international community to take her stirring words to heart, and to intercede on behalf of the voiceless–as Dr. Gao Yaojie has illustrated by example.

Watch VOCN.TV’s Exclusive Interview with Dr. Gao Yaojie on her work and her passion for the AIDS-infected in China:

Read “The World Should Know the Truth,” Dr. Gao’s Prepared Speech and the ChinaAid’s rress release on Dr. Gao’s Meeting with Secretary Clinton.

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