Due to international pressure, Jiangxi province officials return confiscated property to house church

China Aid Association
(Lichuan county, Jiangxi—July 16, 2012) As a result of international pressure, authorities in Jiangxi province have returned property they confiscated from a house church last month, and the church has been able to resume meeting normally, ChinaAid has learned.
On June 6, 2012, a summer camp for children organized by the Houcun house church in Jiangxi’s Lichuan county was raided by police and officials from the religious affairs bureau. The authorities confiscated a laptop and projector, and took three teachers to a police station for interrogation. The church’s normal worship activities were seriously disrupted.
See our previous report here: https://chinaaid.org/2012/07/more-details-about-raid-on-house-church.html
The three teachers were released the same day. Following calls by ChinaAid for the police to return the confiscated property, the items have now been returned, and the church has been able to resume its normal worship activities.
In a related development, a Christian from Houcun’s Feiyuan village, named Wu Zukui, was a Communist Party member when he converted to Christianity in 2005. As a result of his religious belief, he has been expelled from the party.

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