Elder Hao Ming in poor health

Elder Hao Ming and his wife Yang Yufeng
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

(Deyang, Sichuan province—June 3, 2022) Mrs. Yang Yufeng, wife of Qingcaodi Church’s elder Hao Ming, posted on social media that the lawyer finally met with her husband in Deyang City Detention Center after six months. According to the lawyer, elder Hao Ming is in very poor health.

Elder Hao Ming suffers from Hematochezia. He has lost since his imprisonment in November. If the situation continues, he will be in peril of losing his life. The detention center is performing closed-off management in the name of the pandemic, so he is not allowed to leave for medical treatment. His case has been transferred to Deyang City Procuratorate for indictment. 


Mrs. Yang Yufeng hopes that God’s glory is manifested through her husband’s case and that God shows His justice and mercy on her husband. She asked fellow Christians to pray for him and his lawyer.


Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church also posted a prayer request letter for elder Hao Ming:


Elder Hao Ming was arrested by Deyang police on November 17, 2021, under the fabricated ‘fraud’ charge. He is still being held in Deyang City Detention Center. If he is sentenced with the fabricated charge, then they can arrest and sentence all house church preachers under the so-called ‘fraud’ charge. Please pray for God to stop their illegal, evil deeds. Pray Deyang City Procuratorate will drop the indictment against him and not go against God any further. 


Elder Hao Ming served Deyang Qingcaodi Church for more than ten years before he retired in March 2021. Then he and his wife served Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church. He is 65 years old, but he cannot receive any necessary medical treatment. We pray to God to move the authorities and release him soon or allow him to bail out for medical treatment. 

Elder Wu Jiannan was arrested together with Hao Ming. Elder Wu’s wife Mrs. Cui Yanqin posted a prayer request letter on social media on June 1. She thanked fellow Christians’ prayers and said her husband’s case has also been transferred to Deyang City Procuratorate for indictment. He was also charged with ‘fraud’.  


Mrs. Cui Yanqin wrote:

Thank you, God. The lawyer was finally able to meet with my husband on May 31, after more than five months’ wait. He was also able to review the case documents. My husband lost a lot of weight, but he is still joyful. Please continue to pray that justice is shown in his case and allow him to come back home soon. Please also pray to God to protect him, give him joy and peace, and allow him to experience God’s presence. 


Qingcaodi was an Early Rain Covenant Church’s church plant in Deyang. They became a separate member of the Western China Reformed Presbytery. Elder Hao Ming signed Wang Yi’s “Joint Statement: A Declaration for the Sake of Christian Faith,” in 2018. Three days after the massive crackdown against Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, police officers raided Qingcaodi. They broke into the church, expelled the Christians, and posted a banning notice on the gate issued by the Religious Affairs Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau. On March 25, 2021, Sichuan Province Civil Affairs Department published a list of banned illegal social organizations. Deyang Qingcaodi Church and Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church were both on the list. 


Elder Hao Ming and elder Wu Jiannan were arrested by Deyang Police on November 17, 2021. Elder Hao’s wife Mrs. Yang Yufeng, and church co-workers Liu Wuyi, Liu Yongbo, and Lan Enguang were also taken to the police station on suspicion of ‘fraud’. Elder Hao and elder Wu were formally criminally detained on November 19 under a ‘fraud’ charge. Other Christians were released. The authorities finally approved the lawyer’s visitation on May 31, 2022.  


~Yu Bing, China Aid Special Reporter 

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