English Translated Copy of Brother-in-Christ Ming Peng's Chinese Letter to Pastor Bob Fu, as of 8/15/2007

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Brother Bob,
Hope everything is well with you.
I’m very happy to be able to tell you my experiences with Christianity.
I started to know about Christianity in 1991. At the same time, I also started to read the monthly magazine called “The Light of the Universe”, that is published in Taiwan. The wedding of my second marriage was held in a church in Vancouver. However, at that time I was still a firm believer in Science. I was not yet ready to accept God, and become a Christian.
In 2001, I immigrated to the United States. I was influenced and directed by many brothers and sisters in Christ. Of course, there was your influence as well. I started to read the Bible very seriously. I attended Church activities often. It made me feel more and more close to God, but I was still not completely convinced.
In 2002, there were two reasons why I eventually became a Christian, and I was baptized on July 18, 2002. The first reason was that my doubts about Christianity was completely removed after many long discussions about the Bible with Professor and Pastor “Yutido,” who is the Principal of the “Saint Andrew College,” Brother “Sujun,” who is a Ph.D and Assistant Professor of Biology in the “Hapuginson” Medical School, Brother Jerry, a computer specialist, and several other people. These discussions completely removed any doubts that I had that were coming from a scientific point of view. The second reason why I became a Christian came about around the time when I went from San Francisco to Thailand to visit my aging parents on July 1, 2002. Prior to my departure, Jerry and eight other brother and sisters in my church prayed for me for my trip. They asked for God to bless me with a safe journey. After the prayer, I was telling them half jokingly, “The heel of my left foot has an abnormal bone spur growth. It always hurts, especially bad when I’m walking. I cannot wear leather shoes, only soft sole shoes. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies that promised to heal it, and nothing worked. The doctors say that it had to be operated on. I was afraid of the pain, plus the “indefinite” time for potentially staying in the hospital, so I never went ahead with the operation. If God really exists, and if he really cares about me, then I ask you to please pray for me. Please ask him to cure my spur.” Jerry and others really said the specific prayer for me. Everyone was very sincere and took turns to pray for about 10 minutes each. It took over an hour. After that, I went home and packed for the trip. I boarded the plane at midnight. After over 14 hours of flight, I arrived in Taipei airport for transfer. I remember that it was about 4 in the morning Taipei time. I was waiting for my next plane, and then I suddenly remembered the blessing that Jerry and others prayed for me. It was about 24 hours ago. I was thinking that I should test whether the prayer worked. I stepped on my left heel with full force, and I didn’t feel any pain at all. I was very curious, so I took off my shoes. I touched my heel with my hands. To my surprise, the spur was gone! I stepped on the floor with full force, bare feet, and I felt almost no pain. Suddenly, I realized that it was God’s blessing that healed it. It is God that worked on my body. From then on, I made a promise to myself to be baptized and become a Christian as soon as possible. Therefore, on July 18, 2007, I was baptized. During the post-baptism, I witnessed to God of this miraculous testimony to my pastor, brothers and sisters in Christ.

After I became a Christian, I then experienced a few more very curious things. The first was when I did something that wasn’t in alignment with God’s wishes. From a society point of view, my plan and execution was quite perfect, but it failed anyhow. The reason why it failed was because of a few things that had a very low probability of happening, which brought the whole plan down. However, Pastor “Wa”, Sister “Yunfan” and Sister “Wuyin” explained to me from a spiritual point of view that it was God trying to stop me. A few other similar things happened repeatedly. It made me believe that it must have been God that wanted to intervene with this to keep me on track to His path.
The second event was sometime in October of 2002. I was driving on highway 880 at dusk. Suddenly an idea flashed into my mind: “Maybe there is no such thing as a God in this world. God may be just an idea that humans made up.” As soon as this idea appeared in my head, an electric current went through my right leg. The feeling of being hit by electricity was extremely real. On top of that, I nearly had a car accident as well. At that moment, I understood that it was God trying to warn me: as a Christian follower, to doubt God will bring disasters upon that person.
The third thing happened on October 24, 2002, when I met up with Priest Su and brother Zongwu to visit Professor “Yu in Saint Andrew College.” During that meeting, I talked about my urgent need for $200,000 USD to do one thing, which I was unable to secure. Professor Yu suggested to brother Zongwu and I, that from that day on, we should pray twice a day, morning and night. He told us that if what we wanted to do is God-willing, then ask God to deposit $200,000 USD into our account within two months. That would have been before December 24, 2002. Brother Zongwu and I accepted this suggestion, and followed it routinely and sincerely. Miraculously, it happened. On December 24, 2002, a large amount of money was deposited into our account. However, the amount was not $200,000, but over several million dollars. I communicated this event to Priest Wa and Sister Wuyin over the telephone. They said to me, “You asked for $200,000. Now you have several million dollars. At the end, only $200,000 will stay. The rest of the money will disappear.” Just as they said, half a year later, only $200,000 was left. The rest all disappeared. This event really solidified my belief that God is real.
The fourth event was in 2003. I started to plan the transition of my work from the United States to Myanmar (i.e. enroute to Thailand to visit my parents). Pastor Chen, brother Zijian, Priest Zhang, and sister Yunfan each separately told me that they have received messages from God that I would face danger in Myanmar, although eventually I would escape from the danger. I didn’t listen to them, and stubbornly insisted on going to Myanmar. When my mother knew of my plan, she threatened to kill herself if I went to Myanmar. I still didn’t listen. In May of 2004, I left to Thailand from the United States. I planned to go from Thailand to Myanmar on May 20, 2004. God warned me through a dream that I should not go to Myanmar. However, at that time I reacted to it very foolishly, and didn’t think much of it. On May 22, 2004, I went to Myanmar as planned. The result was just as predicted by the brothers and sisters. This event taught me that if people don’t listen to God, they would be in lots of trouble.
The fifth event was when I was already in prison. I repeatedly repented my past behaviors, and at the same time prayed to God that he would talk to me directly, so that he could tell me directly his intentions for me. My prayers were finally answered. On September 30, 2004, at around 3:30 AM, while I was sleeping, I suddenly felt very awake and a clear voice started to speak to me. That voice was very strange. It wasn’t English, nor was it any dialect of Chinese. It almost made no particular sound. However, each word and each sentence was clearly audible. I remembered each one of it clearly in my mind. There was not a single unnecessary word or sentence. It was clear and concise. The message was to inform me the future path that I will follow, and the things that I will do. After listening to that message, I was in awe, and awoke from sleep. After I woke up, I carefully verified that it wasn’t a normal dream or hallucination. It was really God that spoke to me. Since July 18, 2002 when I was first baptized, almost everyday I have asked God to directly speak to me, and it never worked. For some time, I was very frustrated, and I thought that I wasn’t connected with God. I thought God would never talk to me directly in my life. Who knew that after my arbitrary imprisonment in China, at the most difficult and dangerous moment, that God would directly talk to me for the very first time? All of a sudden, I felt that just for this, it was worthwhile to be imprisoned this time. After that, on November 17 and December 2, 2004, twice separately I heard God speaking to me again. He asked me to be forgiving of a person whom I had some issues with at the first time, and told me how to go about describing and creating the personalities and story lines of the book “Divine Seeking”, that I was spiritually inspired to write and complete in prison.
The sixth event happened on April 11, 2005. My long-term heart diseases (AMI) accompanied with chest pains kept me up all night. I was also without any medical services. I prayed day and night. At the same time, I tried to exercise daily. After one week, on April 18, 2005, I was sent to the hospital for check-up. Then, miraculously, my heart completely recovered. Just as Pastor Wa and sister Yunfan said: “God has tasks for me to do; he would not let death or diseases defeat me.”
The seventh event was in the early morning hours of July 29, 2007. I had a series of strange dreams. One of them was that I seemed to be out of prison, wearing prison uniform, barefoot, pants rolled up, and I was lecturing elementary and secondary school students. To me, that meant that as soon as I would be set free, God would want me to work on education and preaching. According to the book “Encyclopedia of Strange Dreams”, bare feet signifies humbleness and the quality of being down to earth. This means that I must completely give up any personal bad habits in the future, learn to be humble, do ground work to be down to earth, start with the basics, such as the orphanage that I’d like to start-up. The day before this, July 28, 2007, I dreamt of a classmate of mine from High School, “Cao JiHong,” who had died of drowning. According to the explanations in the “Encyclopedia of Strange Dreams”, the reason for dreaming about the deceased was a possibility that there might be some unfinished business to take care of in the department of guilt or past aggression. To dream of the deceased like this seemed to be the final and only option to confess and repent fully on  such past sins at last. In recent years, I always regretted my past mistakes and aggression. It seemed possible that through this strange dream, it was now finally all being redeemed by my Personal Savior. First, it showed that God has listened to my sincere repentance and prayers, and he has forgiven my past mistakes. Secondly, it seemed to mean that in the future, I will give up any thoughts of using any aggression or physical actions to solve problems completely.
Actually, I have encountered many more events with God. I will not mention all of them here.
I hope that you can also share with me your experiences and encounters with the spiritual world.
Please send my regards to the brothers and sisters in Christ.
God bless you and I.
Peng Ming

August 15, 2007

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