Evangelist – Su De'an from Fangcheng Henan Province

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Zhang Yinan
Su De’an, born in Yangji town Fancheng county of Henan Province, graduated from junior high school in 1978. His father worship idols. One day when his father was terribly sick and praying for help from the god of Daoism without any response, Su De’an heard a voice saying, “You go to another place.” The Christians in the village preached the Gospel to him. Su De’an then carried his father with wheelbarrow to the Christian meeting, where the servants of God prayed for his father and his father was healed by God. From then on, the brothers and sisters encouraged him to give his testimony. Su De’an listened to several sermons in the church, but he was not repentant. He told other Christian friends that, “you can believe in the Lord first, but I will wait for some time.” It was not until the end of 1981 that Su De’an began to come to the Christian meeting more enthusiastically. He was thirsty for the truth of Gospel and was reborn becoming a child of God. One day in 1982, Su De’an listened to a sermon saying, “If you trust in the word of God, God will show himself to you.” That evening, he prayed to the God devotedly, saying, “Oh, Lord! I believe that you love me, please appear to me€¦” Suddenly, he heard a voice saying, “But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, and discharge all the duties of your ministry.” Knowing little about the Bible then, he began to read the Scripture more systematically. Later, he found out that what God said to him came from the text in 2 Timothy 4:5. From then he became even more passionate and obligated with the mission of evangelization. In the church, very often he read the Bible to illiterate sisters although he hardly preached then.Several months later, he was on the way to a Christian meeting in another village when he heard the voice of the Lord, “you deserve to eat my flesh.” He did not understand it. When he arrived there, it was a meeting about the Lord’s Table. The servant of Lord shared the meaning of the broken bread, whoever eats the flesh of the Lord, and drink the blood of the Lord would have the life of Christ in him. He would be blessed.”Oh, my Lord! You are a real and a living God and you love me so much.” Su De’an prayed with tears. Growing to know the Lord more and more, he began to serve in the local church of Yangji town.

In 1986, together with brother Dai Wenqing and Sister Quan Ailing, Su De’an went to preach the Gospel in Longhui county of Hunan province.
In August of 1988, Pastor Dennis Balcombe from Hong Kong came to preach at Zhang Jingfang’s home in Wangguan village. Su De’an and Yangji went there for the meeting. The main topic of Pastor Dennis Balcombe’s preaching was to encourage the members to be filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Then they could go to preach the Gospel to the whole world.
The next day, Su De’an knelt down at the corner of the house, earnestly praying for the permeation of the Holy Spirit. With faith, he also proclaimed that he would be permeated with the Holy Spirit on that day. After the preaching, Pastor Dennis Balcombe stepped down from the pulpit and began to put his hands on the listeners praying for each one of them. Su De’an held his hands and prayed consistently, right before Pastor Dennis Balcombe put his hands on him, the power of the Holly Spirit went into his body. All of sudden, it seemed like he was hit by powerful electricity, his body shuck, his tongue stiffened, he began to speak another language something like Cantonese, and the more he spoke, the more fluently he was, all the dialects and spiritual language just flowed out like water flowing out of his tongue. He felt that his face was shining with light, and he could not put down his hands. Like the ancient Chinese poem said: “A surprising breeze of spring came last night, brought full blossoms on each pear tree.” Su Dean’s heart was full of joy and full of excitement.
Others brothers and sisters, including Sister Jiang Xiaohong, sister Maoqiao and brother Cheng of Yangji town were all permeated with the Holly Spirit.
One night, Su De’an rode his bicycle to his home. On the way, he thought of what Pastor Dennis Balcombe preached about the Holly Spirit. All of sudden, the Holy Spirit came down upon him like pigeons. Immediately he knelt down on the ground and prayed to God. Oh, Lord, please do not let the pigeons of the Holy Spirit go. He also spoke in another tongue. After a while, he got on his bicycle and rode again. Sometime later, he got off his bicycle, knelt down on the ground, and prayed again. It happened 3 times like this.
One day, Su De’an went to Wuyang to join one Christian meeting, Pastor Chen Gongliang from Taiwan anointed him with olive oil and prayed for him, “You should step forward, and the word of wise knowledge will come out from your mouth€¦” Su De’an was moved to tears and he prayed to God, “Oh, my Lord! You did a favor for me. For sure, I will go out to preach the Gospel.”
Su De’an used to work with Hou Yuzhong. One day, Brother Qin Shengshang of Yangji town in Fangcheng County told Hou Yuzhong that the harvest field in Sichuan Province was so vast that I wanted brother Su to help me there.
In 1992, together with Brother Qin Shengshan, Su De’an went to preach Gospel in Yunyang County in Chongqing city. The county is full of huge mountains. They climbed the mountains for about seven hours and arrived at a village. Su De’an, not accustom to the local weather, vomited and had diarrhea. He prayed for God to heal him. An old lady invited him, saying, “It is our Lord who sent you here. Please go and pray for a fallen brother, who used to believe in God but fall now. He is seriously wounded.”
Then, Su De’an followed the local coworkers to see the man. The man used to work in the mountains excavating stones. One day, he held a steel bar to be hammered by other person, his hand slipped and the steel bar pieced his leg. Su De’an noticed that his face was pale, his leg swelled badly and he was leaning on his desk, moaning. He comforted him, saying, “We live far away from each other, and it is the love of our Lord that brings me to your home, to visit you and to pray for you. There is a hymn which lyric goes like this, amazingly, the love of the Lord! Amazingly, the love of the Lord! The great love is hidden in adversity. My brother, stand up and be enthusiastic for the Lord.”
Then, the man said, if the Lord still loves him, he would believe it as before. Su De’an prayed for him three times. The miraculous power from the Lord’s came upon this man, the swellings of his leg vanished slowly. Amazingly, the man even could stand and send Su De’an off by himself when Su De’an was ready to leave. Su held his hands, saying, “My dear brother, when I come back next time, I wish I could see you again and you will be serving our Lord in the church.” The experience made Su realized that only by serving the Lord in the harvest field, miraculous signs and wonders from the Lord could be with him.
In Sichuan Province, Su De’an noticed that the Christians there were thirsty for the Gospel, so he took the burden to share the Gospel in the Province.
There are many temples and idols in the mountains of Sichuan Province, and people there worshiped their local gods. They worshiped the trees, stones, and idols of various sculptures. People in Sichuan province endured much of the hardships. They have to carry their food on their shoulders while walking on mountainous trails. Their work force was more powerful than that of people in Henan Province, and women there worked in the field with bare foot. Together with his coworkers, Su De’an helped the local brothers and sisters to plant rice and wheat, carrying manure as fertilizer, plowing the field and did whatever they needed.
The evangelists from Wenzhou city were shepherding the churches at Zigong and Neijiang cities. Sister Mu, who was 68 years old, managed the church in Zigong city. Brother Liu Erben, whom had received a higher education, devoted himself to preaching the Gospel after his retirement. Su De’an had a wonderful fellowship with those two. Liu Erben told Su that he would not dare share the Gospel at that time, because the believers were too many, while workers are too few, the church assemblies were many, the pastors are few. Companied by Liu Erben, Qin Shengshan and Su De’an preached in one local church, they sung one hymn from New Hymns Collection ( Later called Canaan Hymns ) ” power, power, power of the Holy Spirit€¦” spontaneously, brothers and sisters clasped their hands, praising the Lord, a revival was expanded.

Sister Mu, in Ba county of Chongqing city, was passionate for the Lord. Together with another two Christian sisters, they preached the Gospel in Banan and Nanchuan, praying for the sick. Within half month, seven church assemblies were being built. Sister Mu invited Su De’an to preach in her church. Su noticed that the crops there were ready; a great harvest will be collected as soon as they started the labor.
Su De’an traveled to Tongnan county and met with the coworkers from Sichuan province. They sung hymns together, and the songs attracted the people in the outside whom were wondering why the people in this house were so joyful. Standing at the doorway, Su De’an preached the Gospel to the people who stood outside. An assistant physician-in-charge who was suffering leukemia then, so, his wife could not keep listening to the preaching of Su De’an. Knowing this case, Su De’an told the assistant physician-in-charge, “You will be cured if you believe in the Lord, let’s kneel down to the ground, I will pray for you.” This couple looked at each other speechless as they never knelt down in public and they felt terribly embarrassed. Immediately, Su De’an knelt down first and said to them “There is nothing to be ashamed of when we kneel down before God.” That doctor knelt down and Su De’an put his hands on the couple, praying: “In the name of the Lord, the Lord’s Spirit enters into your body. My Lord, I pray to you that you will forgive their sins and heal them.” Nine people knelt down, and received the Lord’s blessings and believed in the Lord, which greatly encouraged Su. He thought about what happened in his home church in Fangchang, where hardly see any church growth, while God harvested 9 souls in one night.
Then, Su De’an held a three days training in Tonnan County. The day before leaving, some brothers and sisters came to send him off, they brought him some oranges. More than twenty people asked Su to pray for them and made commitments to be followers of Jesus Christ.
After that, Su De’an, together with brother Qin Shenshan (meaning Holy Mountain) went to Ba county and Jiangjin county in Chongqing city. They established a team of evangelists in Sichuan province. This team preached Gospel to over 37 counties and cities. Some even went to Guizhou and Yunnan province. Meanwhile, Sister Shiqiao and sister Yanghuan of Zhoukou city came as coworkers with Su De’an and Qin Shenshan.
Among the house churches in Chongqing city, Sichuan province, evangelists in Yanzhong and Yunyang counties were persecuted most severely, 97% of over 170 coworkers were jailed. They suffered variously with some fined and others were force to serve in the labor camp, etc. However, the churches in Yanzhong and Yunyang were also experienced greatest revival.
Su De’an conducted one disciples training in Yanzhong city, preaching the significance of suffering, those who are pious in Christ, whom is also being prosecuted. The Lord Jesus Christ had set a perfect example for us, that we will take our cross and follow the Lord. Through the training, a solid foundation was being built for the coworkers in Yanzhong city.
Brother Wang Shihua, the owner of a factory, contributed his money to buy a 3 bed room apartment, to host the evangelists from Henan province, while the evangelists helped to build up the local churches.
Another Brother Wang Yuan, 27 years old, was engaged in the business of electronics repairing. He was arrested three times during his evangelization and finally, he escaped from police station by jumping over the wall.
Sister Gou Shuhua was sentenced to two years forced labor. While she was serving at the women’s labor camp in Zizhong County of Sichuan Province, Su De’an, together with other brothers and sisters, went to pay her a visit. Sister Gou said to them: “I really enjoy the Lord here, as the Lord showed me a wonderful vision when I was depressed. One night, I saw a Red Cross flying in the sky. The Lord said, ‘anyone who loves his wife or children more than me is not worthy of me.'”
Because of her faith in the labor camp, her husband came to Christ although he was very suspicious before.
Brother Da Liming, who is in charge of the church management, was sentenced to three years in the labor camp, as was Brother Pan Ruiguan, who used to be a worker in a factory before he quit his job to become a full time evangelist.
Both Brother Chen and sister Gou were sentenced to three years service in labor camp. The house churches were persecuted terribly by public security bureau of Yanzhong city. Brother Dai was chased by policemen while he tried to escape after a house church meeting in Jinya town. The policeman shot him in the leg.
Brother Liming was the leading brother in the house churches in Yanzhong city. His daughter is an evangelist. Every member of his house had the experience of being arrested. In order to avoid the harassments from the local police, they locked their house. His whole family went to other areas to preach the Gospel.

Brother Hu, who used to be a veterinarian, became a full time evangelist later.
Brother Li Zhaoan in Yuyang County, together with his son Liming, and their whole family, are full time evangelists. One day, the policemen went to search their home during Liming’s wedding ceremony. They took away all the meat from the house. Eventually, the whole house just locked their house and went to other cities to preach the gospel full time.
There was an old wealthy lady in Ba county of Chongqing city, who owns a huge building. Together with several other senior sisters, they were passionate about preaching the Gospel.
Once in Yanzhong city, there was a pastor from Australia came to preach to more than one hundred brothers and sisters. They were filled up with the Holy Spirit; people were full of tears and joys.
All together, there were six to seven hundred churches were being built in Yanzhong city. Later on, more than one hundred churches collapsed and about over five hundreds churches still remain.
There was much less persecution in Jiangjin County, which made a big growth of over 27,000 Christians in 787 assemblies. Brother Li Zhongwen was the leader of the local churches while his wife supported him by doing some business in Luohuang town. Other full time evangelists included: Liping, Wu Zhiping, Peng Xiaojun, and Huang Chaojin.
Together with other coworkers, Su De’an had established about four hundred churches in Yongchuan County. There was one communist party secretary in a village that persecuted the church ferociously. Later on, while he was drunk, he fell off a cliff and died.
In 1996 there was a great break through for the house churches in Sichuan province, especially during the month of China’s New Year. They changed this month into the Gospel Month. In Yanzhong County, brothers and sisters played Chinese cornets and Chinese vertical bamboo flutes, playing allegro to preach the Gospel on the street.
In 1997, three sisters of house church from Yanzhong County, were arrested and put in jail in the women’s labor camp of Sichuan province.
The team sent to Sichuan province by Fangcheng church has been shepherding about 1,400 house churches. There were over 200 full time evangelists in Sichuan province shepherding brothers and sisters in over 30 different counties and cities.
Several times in Sichuan province, Su De’an was surrounded by policemen during church meetings, many times he was within seconds of being caught.
Once he was conducting the training on spiritual warfare, he realized that there is some overlapping between the physical world and the spiritual world. Step by step, he became to know that the disputes between coworkers were the works of the devil. There are many temples in Chongqing city of Sichuan province. In fact, there is one big temple at Shuiguan town Yanzhong city. So, all the evangelists fasted and prayed collectively for about a month. Eventually, the local government closed down the temple. Meanwhile, another Buddhism temple in Wang Jiagou was also closed for sight seeing shortly after.

Brother Tan, who used to be a local rascal, was enthusiastic in the work of the local church after he was saved by God. After the training on spiritual warfare, brother Yan, together with three senior sisters climbed up on a mountain and prayed, “Oh, Lord! We want to destroy the temple on this mountain. Please show us a sign by letting the trees at the mountain shake three times without the wind, if it is your will.” After the prayer, four of them saw the trees on the mountain shook three times without the wind. Then, brother Tan pointed one tree in front of him, prayed: “Oh, My Lord! Thank you for listening to our prayers.
Please show us another sign, by letting this tree nod three times, if it is your will to let us destroy this temple.” As expected, that tree nodded tree times.
Therefore, Brother Tan and other three sisters destroyed four small temples which were built illegally on that mountain.
Brother Qin Shenshan conducted a disciples’ training in Ba County, Jiangjin city that forty brothers and sister took part in.
Very often in Sichuan Province, the house churches preach Gospel during Christian funerals; they praised and worshipped God by playing local musical instruments.
Su De’an believed that the churches at his hometown Fangcheng Yangji were less prosperous than the local churches in Yanzhong of Sichuan province. The stream of the revival from Henan province had flowed into Sichuan province. The churches of Fangcheng did not grow and became too religious. The real break through for the churches is to explore a new harvest field. The churches of Fangcheng had close communication with overseas pastors. Many different teachings were preached there, some from famous overseas Chinese pastors, Caucasian pastors, and black pastors. Some pastors became very prideful. Sometimes, when a preacher just spoke several words, the listeners have already knew what he is going to preach. Gradually, the church became very religious.
There were total over 20 full time evangelists in Yangji of Fangcheng. Some famous one are: Su De’an, Yang Fengling, Liu Airong, Wang Yundao, Cheng Meiying, Cheng Guiying, Lu Lingying, Da Yuangui, Yang Maitun, Han Rongqin, Qin Shengshan, Wang Guangxing, Quan Ailing and Dai Baotian, etc. Among them, Sister Yang Fenling was arrested and sentenced three years in labor camp because she preached Gospel in Hunan province.
The team to Sichuan province from Fangcheng church went to the villages in An shun city, Guizhou province. They preached the Gospel to Chuaiqing minorities who live in Zhijin and Nayong counties. Su De’an and Ren Minxian went there, they also brought short wave radios, gospel flyers and one gospel book “Knowing the Truth” which was written by Brother Zhang Yulang.
When they went to visit the local people, they prayed for them and left more than one hundred gospel flyers, so they could share with their friends or relatives, giving them one radio and the gospel program list, so that they could listen to the radio according to the program list. They also went to preach the gospel in the mountains of Shuanbao County in which Miao minority and Chuanqing Minority live.
In January of 2000, Su De’an and Qin Shenshan asked Brother Li Ming, the evangelist from Yunyang County, to take over the responsibilities for governing the Sichuan team. Therefore, they could return to work in their home church in Henan province.
Later on, Su De’an and Brother Tianjin went to preach gospel to many people in Daqing city of Hei Longjian province, Inner Mongolia, Heihe city and Ganghe city. Among them, Sister Zhou, the evangelist from Daqing city, established churches in Burma later.

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