Fascist Torture and Xinjiang Model Replicated in Kazakhstan

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan
(Photo: Kazakh President Press Service)

Fascist Torture and Xinjiang Model Replicated in Kazakhstan 

By Serikzhan Bilash and Laila Adilzhan 

As authorities carry out mass arrests in Kazakhstan, they simultaneously punish the weakest groups in society as fascists. Kazakhs from Xinjiang occupy only a small place in Kazakhstani society. Kazakh authorities, openly hostile to Kazakhs who immigrated from Xinjiang China, have arrested, abused, and incarcerated many in Kazakhstan prisons. There, officials also implement fascist torture and replicate the Xinjiang model in Kazakhstan.

As authorities take revenge for the January uprising, relatives relive the fate of previous relatives of Xinjiang ethnic Kazakhs imprisoned in Kazakhstan. In addition to forcibly removing injured Kazakhs from hospitals, officials exhume bodies of victims and under the guise of “re-examination,” convict them of “terrorism.” In a recent interview, Kazak’s president made it clear that “those who are striking against China in Kazakhstan are acting on behalf of Western forces. We are improving our relations with China.”


Exhibit 1:   

Azamat Batyrbaev, tortured by Kazakh authorities
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

On January 5, 2022, Almaty police officers severely beat, tortured, and arrested Azamat Batyrbaev from the city of Taldykorgan, Almaty region. They also seared his body with a hot iron. During the ensuing interrogation, officers beat Batyrb so badly they damaged his kidneys. Authorities accused him of demolishing the monument to Nazarbayev which stood on the square of the city of Taldykorgan. In addition to this charge, authorities alleged that he committed other fabricated crimes.

Although Batyrbek suffered serious injuries during the armed police dispersal of peaceful demonstrators, officers still seized him from the hospital. Authorities continue to fail to provide proper medical care for Batyrbek, currently in critical condition in a pre-trial detention center.


Exhibit 2: 



Shargul Bordabai, an ethnic Xinjiang Kazakh from China, immigrated from Xinjiang to Kazakhstan 20 years ago. According to Shargul Bordabai: 

I came from China but have lived in Kazakhstan with my two sons for 20 years. I consider Kazakhstan our country; our land; our Kazakh. Our children, now grown, have their own family and a child. They do not harm other people but help them. 

Both my children have said that Kazakh people do not cry for the orphan or the widow. They have bought clothes for 20 children at school and provide coal for 20 semi-trucks every year. 

Before my second child went on a pilgrimage on January 16, 2022, we said goodbye. When he returned on January 26, I built a house and gave it to my second son, Guldana.  When I told Nurali Yerzhan, my eldest son, that his younger brother was returning, he, with Farhat Ashirov and Nurbolat Smagulov, two friends, picked up my second son from the airport. 

When my son landed, he took his 8-year-old daughter and us to the car.  Two minutes later, we saw a red car waiting for us. As the driver had been thrown to the ground, we stopped to see what had happened. Military personnel then wanted to take my second son, but we attempted to keep him with us. As you can see, officials bruised my arms. Troops dressed in black arrived in large numbers of military arrived and seized 100 people. One soldier struck my son’s neck with an electric prod.

Then my son began to lose his strength. As I struggled to hold my child, two soldiers pulled my legs.  Still bandaged as I had just had an operation, I thought, If you could not leave my son that day, I would open my bandage and expose my bowel, I thought that if I did this, I might possibly keep my son with us.

At that time, I experienced a heart attack.

Officials called an ambulance and told me that I would leave when the ambulance arrived. How could I leave there?  I wondered.

When approximately 20 people grabbed my son lying on the ground, a soldier handcuffed him. When I looked at him, his eyes were bruised, his head swollen, and his face black as charcoal. I said, “I will not go to the emergency room. I will stay here even till I die if you do not give me back my son. I told my daughter-in-law and others to take a photo and video. I handed my 8-year-old granddaughter my phone to take a video. Soldiers confiscated all our phones, however. They even threatened to kill my daughter-in-law.  My daughter-in-law fell, saying, “I am ready to be killed.” My little granddaughter said, “I saw the soldiers put a gun on him.”

Soldiers had cuffed my son’s hands behind his back. His eyes had swollen shut. I could hardly stand what happened. Soldiers blocked our road and did not allow anyone to help us.

I thought my eldest son was also there. Exhausted from fighting for an hour and a half to hold my son from the soldiers, they forced him inside a car and drove away. I said, “Oh my Allah, the soldiers are going to kill my son….

I told soldiers that as my son had been able to fly, the airline had already checked everything on him and that since he was going to see Allah that it was impossible for him to carry a gun. Soldiers then gave me an address and said, “You will find him there tomorrow morning, and find out whether he’s guilty.”

When my daughter-in-law and I traveled to the address they gave us at 5 p.m. that day, the security guard said that soldiers had not transported anyone there. Trying to find help and a solution, we visited the prosecutor’s office. They did not help us that day but told us to write down our complaints, and they would be considered and checked within 15 days.

How can I stand this for 15 days? I wondered. Soldiers also called the driver who gave them information. While out of that place, he said that he saw my elder son also there. When we tried to call my eldest son, I learned that his phone had shut down. While trying to take my youngest son, we did not notice that soldiers had also seized my eldest son. When I heard that news, I fell to the ground.

My eldest daughter-in-law called and said that soldiers had arrested Nurali. Soldiers abducted both my children. There was only a difference of eight minutes between the arrests of my two sons. Military officials drove to my daughter-in-law’s house, located near the school, with a tank, and frightened most of those in the village, as well as the children at school.

Soldiers put grenades, guns, and ammunition inside my son’s car, parked in front of his house. When they knocked on my daughter-in-law’s door, they threatened to break in if she did not open it. She reluctantly let the soldiers inside. I have a video that confirms them checking my son’s home. In addition, military officials went to all their friends’ homes. They also planted a grenade when they surrounded my second son’s house.

We left my grandson with my son’s mother-in-law to take care of him at home.

After this, my mother-in-law opened the door for fear the soldiers would break down the door, soldiers threw a bag into the house, pretended to check, and then picked up the bag. Inside the bag they threw, they found bullets, a bomb, and a gun. My mother-in-law said: “I just cleaned the house, there is no such bag in this house.” When she smelled the bag, she said she smelled something weird, and told the soldiers, “This is not our bag. One soldier looked at the 4-month-old baby when he began crying. My mother-in-law said, “How could you soldiers do this kind of thing? Is what you have done correct? Don’t you feel pity for this young baby?”

One soldier said, “Auntie, I’m so sorry, please don’t curse me.” We think this soldier also has a family and child. When my tenth-grade son saw soldiers searching his brother’s house, he then ran to his brother’s home and asked the soldiers, “Why do you do that?  Why do you want to arrest my two brothers?”

The soldiers said. “We are going to kill you.”

They arrested him on the wall.



Exhibit 3:  

The following video, which I completed with the deceased’s son, portrays Kazakhs whom soldiers shot while these Kazakhs participated in peaceful demonstrations.



English transcript:

Serikzhan Bilash:

Hello everyone, today I will conduct a brief online interview with Talant Aitpaiuly. His father, Aliv Aitpay, died after police in Karmaksha [town], Kyzylorda Province shot him on the 5th of January. His father, a public activist, dearly loved his country…until his last breath. 

Talant Aitpaiuly:

On January 5th, I lost my father, Aliv Aitpay, born in 1960—forever. A police officer shot my father in his forehead while he participated in a peaceful rally. During the morning of January 5th, as my father prepared to attend a peaceful rally in Kyzylorda City, two police officers were with him. At that time, I told my father, “Be careful, I hope the police do not hurt people.”

My father then said his last words to me: “This is a peaceful rally; the police won’t shoot normal people.” 

As my father went to Kyzylorda City, I prepared to travel to our capital city on a business trip.

Also, on January 5, I kept in touch with my mother. She told me that she had not had any information from my father. About 4:30-5:00 pm, we heard from Kyzylorda City, however, that normal people had died after they had been shot. One guy beside me on his phone said that at the time, 94 people had already died.

When I arrived in [Nur-Sultan], waiting for information, I called a friend from Kyzylorda City. He said that a lot of those who had been shot had been transported to the morgue.

One person might look like my father, he said.

On the 7th of January, I asked my brother to go to Kyzylorda city and check. He found our father in the morgue.  Until that time, we did not have any information about our father.

Officials gave our father’s corpse to us. Our father’s name was on his foot. Authorities knew my father as a public activist, and they intentionally killed him. A morgue representative told us that they will give us our father’s death certificate in one month.  My brother and I took photos of our father’s corpse. Our father’s body was fine; only his head had been damaged shot by a gunshot.

We were afraid that later, neither government officials nor police would admit our father died because of a gunshot; that they might claim our father died due to fighting with other people.

Serikzhan Bilash: 

Brother, I hope Allah blesses your father. Please send us your father’s photo via WhatsApp as we plan to publish these facts all over the world. Our job now is to let foreign institutions and organizations, as well as ensure that human rights and information weapons entities are aware of this situation and facts. 

In Kazakhstan, as widespread persecution, murder, arrests of young men in police custody, beatings in prisons, and brutal killings occur, authorities then give back the corpses of people killed to family members.

The only way to stop these rampant atrocities is to prove the crimes of the government.

Thank you for giving us information, brother!  Allah bless you… Talk to you soon…

Dear people, Talant Aitpaiuly and other citizens have contacted us and provided disturbing information with us that needs to be shared.  The only way to stop evil is to fight with them. Otherwise, the current, ongoing evil injustices will last forever.

People like Talant Aitpaiuly, who call and give us information, continue their relatives’ dreams. If these people were only crying that their deceased family member was dead, then it would be an abuse of their relatives’ dreams. Talant Aitpaiuly’s father was an active, truthful person. His sons. Continue their father’s dream.   Despite the death of Talant Aitpaiuly’s father, he and his brother continue to fight. By sharing this information with us and we relate it to the world, Talant Aitpaiuly continues his father’s dream.

To this citizen, I say: Dear brother, Talant Aitpayevich, I will now send you the number of RFE / RL [Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty] journalists, give this information to RFE / RL and other foreign media. I will also send you the numbers of European embassies in Kazakhstan, e-mails, telephone numbers of American embassies, and send you information about all these institutions.

Thank you… Your struggle continues your father’s dream. Allah bless you.


Dear brothers and sisters,

Exposing stories of real people is the way to fight. If we do not fight against evil, we will never have a way out, and if we do not oppose evil, nor expose it, and do not fight evil, then we are helping evil. We would be a part of evil itself. 

Please, we must oppose evil.

Police set up checkpoints in front of villages, where they arrest and kill young people. Although their parents try to get rid of the corrupt authorities by paying bribes and money, we need to expose what has happened near us.

If you are afraid when you share your story, warn me not to reveal your name. Those of you whose  immediate family members have been abused, killed, arrested, persecuted, or otherwise deprived of their rights, please submit an open video statement, translate the written form into Kazakh, if possible, into also English, and send it to us. If an acquaintance took part in the funeral, if police shot them or they died after being beaten by a police officer, you can tell us the story anonymously. We will protect your secrets.  If you are a hero, you can bravely tell your name.

Exposing evil is the only way to stop it and be safe. We have published our phone number on our Facebook page, Serikzhan Bilash. We also published our telephone or telegram number in America: +1 813 723 0039. Again, you can share my videos any/everywhere, as well as give my information to Kazakhs, and/or notify the relevant authorities immediately. You may also contact us by telegram.

Stay safe.

Sincerely, Serikzhan Bilash, currently in the capital of the United States of America, Washington, DC, at 10:57, January 19, 2022.


Exhibit 4:  

The victim in the following interview has a mobile phone repair shop in the Altyn Orda market in Almaty and operates small businesses such as [selling] mobile phone covers. Authorities shot him in his thigh on his way to work. He died after arriving at the hospital. I question: A person shot in the thigh cannot be rescued? 

Did the Kazakh National Security Service issue orders that those police shots should not be rescued?  Now, authorities have suddenly sent the police, saying that the young man’s body will be exhumed from the grave for re-identification?  What is the purpose?  To charge for the 20,000 terrorists that the President of Kazakhstan said?  Or should the death certificate be changed to “natural death?”


English transcript:

Serikzhan Bilash (SB): 

My dear country, my dear Kazakh people, right now we are witnessing another tragic event. Are you listening to us now?

The deceased’s relative (caller): 

On January 5th, authorities shot my brother’s son Olzhas  Alimzhanuly and killed him. After doctors operated on him for eight hours, he was in a coma for another 24 hours. Unfortunately, he died during the morning of January 7th. We buried him the next day. Now, officials plan to forcibly seize his body from the graveyard to check. Our brother was legally hospitalized, and all the archives of the hospital were checked. After his eight hours operation, he “lived” in a coma for 24 hours. We took him out of the morgue with full legal documents. The village Akim bought the seeds and we buried them on the eighth day.  Now, law enforcement agencies have asked us to give them the body of my uncle’s only son. He was 21 years old.


What is the name of the deceased?


  Olzhas Alimzhanuly.


Where are you calling from?



We are calling from Aksengir village of Zhambyl District of Almaty region.


What’s your brother’s name?





Alimzhan Shabenuly, my brother’s citizenship is still documented to be a Chinese citizen. He had been to Kazakhstan for two to three years and could not return to China. The family has been divided into two parts. Now, his parents have lost their only child.  We buried his body together with the people. Now, 15 days later, although the village Akim is in mourning, authorities are digging the graveyard and checking his body. My father, 85 years old, and my mother, 80 years old, have really suffered.


What is your name?




Kulash Shabenkyzy. My nephew, a citizen of Kazakhstan, had just become 21 years old on September 27, 2021. We told the staff members wanting to take his body away that he had no offenses or other misconduct. “If you don’t believe,” we said, “check the information from the school or other people.”

Nevertheless, authorities still wanted to remove Olzhas Alimzhanuly’s body from the graveyard. We wondered: what is this? What law is this? What government is this?



If government authorities want to take the young man’s body, they must have a court document to exhume it. The police have no right to exhume his body.


We told the officials this. However, they are still going to examine his body for the decision of that court, The following shows those people.


Remember the following names and faces of people trampling on our rights and who take my brother’s body:


1. Investigator of the 1st Zhambyl District Police Department Beketbayev Nursultan.  

2. Deputy Investigator of the Zhambyl District Police Department

3. Chief of the Zhambyl District Police Department, Police Colonel Aidar Abdkerimova Omar.


What did they write on the deceased’s death certificate?


It is only written that he was shot, they did not mention anything about him owning a private boutique in the Golden Horde, which sells telephones and covers. We did not even know how he was shot while he was on the way to work.

The hospital admitted him to a hospital called BSMP and underwent surgery for eight hours.


Which part of his body was shot?


He was shot in his thigh. All the documents are in the hands of the government.


Can you send me videos of where the corpse was taken?


We do not have any as morgue personnel filmed the videos, not us. Our rights are concentrated. Please help us.


We will help you to the maximum. Without a court decision, these people have no right to exhume their corpses.


The government of Kazakhstan will be responsible if a person loses his family. We will fight until our last breath. 


Do not be afraid, think that your names are on international human rights organizations.  


I’m going to let the father of the deceased speak now. 


My son was shot at 20:00 in May 2022. His friends took him to the hospital where doctors operated on him for eight hours. He died on the morning of the 7th, so we asked the hospital for his corpse.  When we took a piece of paper from the morgue with the address of the burial, the administration gave us permission. We buried him here. My son had a small private business in Golden Horde. Because his mother lives in China, I was looking after this child.


May he have faith, may Allah bless him, and may his abode be in Paradise. We are ready to defend your rights regarding the event of his death.  Please also contact RFE / RL.


We could not contact them. Investigators arrived so suddenly that we could hardly find you.


I will send you RFE / RL’s [Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty’s] number. Gather your relatives around you. Fight this lawlessness. Videotape everything that happened and send it to us. Never allow their lawlessness.


 Okay, thank you. Allah bless you.


Serikzhan Bilash:

In the usual Golden Horde, police shot a young man who worked at a phone boutique. He had nothing to do with the rally, and now authorities are trying to keep his corpse. Perhaps they want to hide the fact that he died from a gunshot and may do something to make it look as if he legally died. Maybe, they want to fill in the 20,000 terrorist lists mentioned by Tokayev, or for some satanic atrocities that we do not know about. Because Nazarbayev and the Tokayev regime are the devil’s regimes, they believe the devil. They are against the true Allah.

Authorities are continuing to commit atrocities. The evidence that we now have regarding the arrested Kazakhs is incomparable. We say one thing to all of this: Be published as this provides the only way to protect yourself.  So far, all those who have interviewed with RFE, RL, or other media outlets have escaped police arrest. 

When police arrested two brothers from Almaty, their mother and Serikzhan Bilash immediately had applications. The police are afraid of those who are literate; who can defend the rights of those they abuse; of those who have filed or filed a complaint with the foreign media. Currently, the task of the police is to kill the maximum.

The political camp regime for the killing of every Kazakh which directly targeted Kazakhs in Xinjiang, China, Uyghurs, and Kyrgyz, is being repeated in Kazakhstan. We initially wrote this when the issue was raised on the world-famous human rights website “Modern Xinjiang repeats in Kazakhstan.” The Xinjiang model being replicated in Kazakhstan is the first in Xinjiang to hire all the naughty, drunken, and hooligan criminals in the community as temporary police assistants. It then assigns each hired person 5,000 yuan to capture one Kazakh and 5,000 yuan to capture a Kyrgyz. 

As no mass arrests of criminals will be made, they will be underfunded. Now that the country’s budget has run out of money, they have released all criminals. However, they have at their hands arrested three million Kazakhs, Uyghurs, and Kyrgyz. Authorities will release those who openly file a complaint, and those who are afraid will not be convicted.  Right now, those who file a complaint in Kazakhstan will survive. 

Tokayev Nazarbayev’s bloody rule will not stop until he kills 20,000 Kazakhs. The only way out is to open the door to the truth.  If you send a video application or a written application to the American or British embassies in Kazakhstan, you will survive.

Without doing this, you will not survive.

Our telephone / telegram number: +18137230039.  When you click on the first t comment below this video, a link to the telegram appears. Click on it and it will be automatically added to the telegram.

Please contact the embassies. Please contact the media again.

Stay safe.

Sincerely, Serikzhan Bilash


The mass arrests that continue to transpire in Kazakhstan with Kazakh authorities punishing the weakest groups in society as fascists reveal the fate of the relatives of Xinjiang ethnic Kazakhs imprisoned in Xinjiang. With the injured forcibly taken from hospitals, victims’ bodies exhumed, and all convicted of “terrorism” under the guise of “re-examination,” the message of the Kazakh president haunts hurting relatives.

Contrary to the Kazakh president’s message, relatives of those victims who not only dreamed of righting wrongs in their country, but also fought “evil” to their last breath speak out. They want the world to know what is happening in the country they love and to help them fight against the atrocities currently being replicated in Kazakhstan.

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