The Fight For Freedom, Pastor Hao Yujie's Story

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Hao Yujie knew the risk involved in organizing a house church meeting, yet she was not prepared for the repercussions she faced from Government officials on the morning of Monday May 4 2008.
While the congregation was in the midst of worship 10 Government employees entered the building. When the service ended Director Song of the Bureu of Religion, ordered Pastor Hao outside. She was then escorted into a vehicle with several other security officials waiting ominously inside. The sedan took her directly to The office of Homeland Security Defense Brigade of Yanji Municipal Public Security Bureau. The following is Pastor Hao Yujie’s personal account of the events that followed:
“After I went into the office, they told me to sit on the table. I asked, “Why have you brought me here?” A policeman said: “Is there anything wrong with taking you here? Can’t we take you here?  Anyone must come here whenever I tell them to!” At this, a tall employee was very ferocious and pointed his finger at me with the abusive cusswords: “Damn you! You’d better be honest with us! You don’t think we can punish you?” Saying this, he pushed me hard. Then, two more persons came up to me and both of them also began to push me hard. The first young person now lifted his fists and began to punch me on the head and face. This punching and pushing lasted about five to six minutes.
By this time, Director Song from the Bureau of Religion shouted: “Stop beating! Stop beating! Stop beating!” He shouted that three times and they stopped.
I felt dizzy, stuffy in the chest, swelling in the head, tingling in the eyes and my head and ears were all swollen. I had palpitations, nausea and I felt like vomiting. I also felt weak in my four limbs and had trouble breathing. I requested that I go to a hospital for treatment, but they absolutely would not let me do so. I got up three times and three times I was pulled back by force and they absolutely refused to let me leave. No matter how I implored, they would not let me go and continued to interrogate me. They also would not let me take phone calls and grabbed my cell phone. They turned off my cell phone by force so that I was disconnected with the outside world. Since I felt dizzy and had a headache, I was weak all over my body and was in extreme pains. Given this condition, there was no way I could answer their questions. However, they still detained and interrogated me for six hours.
At last, they said they would let me go home on condition that I must move my church with a month.  When I went out of the Public Security Bureau, sisters from the church took me to the emergency room of Yanbian Hospital for treatment. The doctor’s diagnosis was trauma to the head area and they gave me emergency treatment until 10 p.m. I am still in treatment at this time of writing. The symptoms of headache, swelling in the head and generally feeling weak have not disappeared.”
Unfortunately, Pastor Hao Yujie is one of many believers in China who share the same story. House Church Christians face severe beatings, torture, and even death for simply practicing their religion. Yet many like Pastor Hao, are willing to face the consequences knowing that they serve a Higher law than that of Government officials. CAA asks believers around the world to pray and support brave men and women like pastor Hao continue to fight for their God given right to worship in freedom. 

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