First Trial Held for Huang Lemin in Wenzhou

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Baixiang Church members have worshipped together in spite of attacks. Hundreds attended Huang Lemin’s Trial on 8/19/09.

(ZHEJIANG—August 22, 2009) After months of failed negotiations and sleepless nights, Brother Huang Lemin stood his first trial before the Leqing Court in Wen Zhou. At 9:00 AM on August 19, 2009, an emaciated Huang was escorted in hand-cuffs to the defendant’s stand.  Hundreds of members from Baixiang Church came to support and observe their brother, listening to his case of abuse and arrest on April 23 earlier this year. Many wept at the sight of weakened Huang in his yellow prison suit, and prayed in sorrow for him in his suffering.

On Brother Huang had been falsely charged and imprisoned for “intentional injury” on April 23—a cruel twist to the actual events of a group of attackers beating and abusing him on his way to church on March 1, 2009. According to Christians in Leqing, this attack was one of many coordinated by opponents of the government-registered church, who had sabotaged church equipment, infiltrated and disrupted services, and repeatedly attacked church-attenders to prevent them from gathering to worship. His accuser, Yang Huaxi, was one of Huang’s attackers.

As the trial commenced, Brother Huang’s legal representative, Attorney Li Dunyong defended him for nearly three hours, before the judge adjourned the court for a recess. During the session, the prosecutor and the attorney of the plaintiff brought criminal prosecutions to Huang one by one. Attorney Li defended Huang’s innocence on each count.

On the charges brought by Yang Huaxi, Attorney Li challenged the claim that Yang had suffered a broken lumbar L3 from an attack made by Brother Huang. He further questioned the authenticity of the examination report by the local police office, which suggested Yang was “slight wounded,” by pointing to a careful analysis of the Yang’s CT scan taken in April. An expert from the Shanghai Radiology Department assured the court that the wound showed on the scan was not caused on March 1st. (Previously, the medical examiners in Wen Zhou had deliberately ignored Attorney Li’s technical request for evidence twice, and had refused to explain the cause of Yang’s wound.) Attorney Li further sought to discredit the false claims made by Yang and his accomplices in their testimonies to the police. He appealed to the court for an official reexamination of testimonies and requested a written examination report.

At noon, the judge adjourned the court. Many members of the audience felt dissatisfied with the court proceedings and the indifferent and unprofessional conduct of the two prosecutors. The relatively unconcerned demeanor of the prosecution caused a few to wonder if the judicial officers had already agreed upon a verdict in the case.

In recent months, Baixiang Church members have confronted the Chairman of the Leqing Three-Self Committee, who was responsible for this case.  They condemned Yang and his accomplices for slander and abuse. They protested the Le Qing officials’ attempts to persecute and seize control of the church by fabricating lies and painting church members as criminals.  By voicing their concerns to the Chairman and the Leqing County PSB, they continue to appeal for Huang Lemin’s release, exoneration for the persecuted churches, and pray for the officials to realize the truth in this case.
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ChinaAid stands with Brother Huang Lemin and the persecuted Baixiang Church members as they seek freedom from abuse and the restoration of truth and justice in the Leqing Court. We praise God for his deliverance, and encourage all believers to pray for justice.

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