Gao Zhisheng's Brother Appeals in Beijing

October 22, 2010

BEIJING — On the afternoon of October 20, 2010, Gao Zhisheng’s oldest brother, Gao Zhiyi tried to speak with police about the disappearance of his brother. The police officers were very evasive and would not file anything about this case.
Accompanied by attorneys Teng Biao and Li Heping, Gao Zhiyi traveled to Xiaoguan Police Station in Chaoyang District on the afternoon of October 21, 2010. Gao Zhisheng has been missing since April 20 of this year and ever since then, there has been no information on him whatsoever. Gao Zhiyi is extremely worried about him, and often finds himself in tears since his brother vanished.
Teng Biao asked about Gao Zhisheng’s whereabouts, and an officer with badge number 033530 said he knows there is such a person called Gao Zhisheng and he knows what he does, but he does not know Gao Zhisheng’s present location.
According to this officer, Gao’s case is “a little special” and he has been reported as missing before. The officer then told them to wait for news at home and that no files would be made for Gao’s disappearance.
Suddenly, Teng Biao asked, “What makes Gao Zhisheng special?”
Immediately, the officer stepped away to avoid his question.
Police dodged more questions and refused to file the case, so Gao Zhiyi, Teng Biao and Li Heping left Xiaoguan Police Station around 5:10 p.m feeling helpless and desperate for answers.
To contact Gao Zhiyi, call +86 151 9198 5726
David Taylor, ChinaAid’s legal counsel, said this “clearly shows edema unhealed and reveals incontrovertible evidence of torture. We must save him from these evil forces. I believe our prayers must be combined with unceasing demand for his release on every front that we can find.”
ChinaAid agrees with Mr. Taylor, and calls on people worldwide to stand for justice in the case of Gao Zhisheng. We will not relent until Gao’s rights as a citizen have been restored to him. Will you join us in this fight for justice?

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