Government of Urumqi established a group to monitor and register ethnic minorities

The first page of the “Document from
 the Leading Small Group of the
 Urumqi Municipal Population Affairs 
Management and Identification Work’s 
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(Urumqi, Xinjiang—May 25, 2018) The government of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, issued a notification requiring the local governments to register and monitor ethnic minorities through the “Retrospection Leadership Group.” The World Uyghur Congress accused the Chinese government of adopting hostile policies targeting the Uyghur people and urged the Xinjiang government to revoke the discriminating regulations.

According to a notification titled “The Bidirectional Control Working Plan of the Special Personnel, Students, and Government Officials,” issued by the Stability Maintenance Headquarters in Urumqi on May 3, the governments of the districts, the sub-districts, and the counties should put the personnel under government surveillance and conduct the “bidirectional control.” The details of the notification remain unknown.

Another document titled “Document from the Leading Small Group of the Urumqi Municipal Population Affairs Management and Identification Work’s Office” by the World Uyghur Congress stipulated the exact plans, tasks, and goals of the operation. The government officials should be precise with the information collected and try their best “never to repeatedly register or forget a single household, person, or item.”

The second page of the “Document from
 the Leading Small Group of the 
Urumqi Municipal Population Affairs 
 Management and Identification Work’s 
 (Photo: ChinaAid)

In addition, the government appointed the mayor of Urumqi as the director of the new “Retrospection Leadership Group” empowering him to monitor the progress of the operation. He would be responsible for “obtaining the precise information” and monitoring the registered personnel.

The confidential government document indicates that the main tasks of the operation are investigating the local households, taking note of any discrepancies in the registration, and searching for emigrated personnel and missing people. The local officials should precisely register the education, marital condition, blood type, military service, and the spouse’s information.

Dilxat Raxit, the spokesperson of the World Uyghur Congress said the Chinese are sending a hostile signal toward Uyghur people by appointing the mayor as the group leader. Raxit called for the Chinese government to stop violating basic human rights at once. “We condemn what the Chinese government did. The local government keeps monitoring the Uyghur people, which severely disrupts their normal life. According to information we collected locally, the Chinese government not only installs electronic devices to monitor Uyghur people, but also dispatches government officials to watch them one on one. Every Uyghur person is in the danger of being arrested and sent to the reformation camps.”

The World Uyghur Congress condemns the Chinese government for its harsh policies that discriminate against Uyghur people and other minorities, urging the leaders of different countries to pressure the Chinese government to stop the persecution.

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