Government Oppression of Dr. Fan and His Team Increases

October 28, 2010

BEIJING — The government’s oppression of Beijing Zhongfu Holy Mountain Institute has been steadily increasing. The “Holy Mountain” magazine department was raided by Beijing Public Security Bureau on October 27, 2010.
It was reported that the persecution of house churches and non-governmental organizations here was planned by authorities, after the Nobel Peace Prize winner announcement and the Lausanne Congress. These attacks are purposely set up to frame Dr. Fan Yafeng, making it seem that he is conducting an illegal business.
ChinaAid solemnly warns the Chinese government that any form of persecution of Dr. Fan will bring nothing but rebuke from Chinese society and the international community; this is a futile fight. Cease the persecution of Dr. Fan and his contemporaries before it is too late.
President of ChinaAid Pastor Bob Fu calls on Christians from China and all over the world to give support to Dr. Fan and others under persecution. We will keep a close watch on this situation.

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