Guangdong house church evicted after multiple raids

Church members attend a worship
service at Renyi Church.
(Photo: China Aid)

China Aid
Reported in Chinese by Qiao Nong. Translated by Carolyn Song. Written in English by Brynne Lawrence.

(Jiangmen, Guangdong—Sept. 7, 2016) Following two recent raids, government officials in China’s southern Guangdong province harassed a landlord into terminating his contract with a house church on Aug. 8.

An anonymous Christian informed China Aid that the home of a member of Renyi Church was searched shortly before authorities raided the church’s building. “They went into his home and took away all of his personal books. Everything that his relatives sent to him was intercepted by the police. When he went to pick up packages, the public security bureau took him and his things away. They also entered his church and took away the projector and other items.”

The Christian said that officials also confiscated Bibles and other religious materials.

Meanwhile, government personnel constantly harassed the church’s landlord, driving him to terminate his contract with the church members on Aug. 8.

“They constantly pressured him,” the anonymous man said. “The landlord couldn’t bear it and just made [the church] leave. Now, they moved outside. For more than a year, the officials pressured the landlord constantly. Now, he has fallen apart.”

The church members are currently hesitant to accept interviews for fear of retribution.

The persecution of Renyi Church represents just one of the cases China Aid exposes in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians in China.

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