Guangzhou Christian detained for printing religious materials

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By Ava Collins

(Guangzhou, Guangdong—June 22, 2016) On June 6, authorities criminally detained a member of a house church in Guangzhou, the capital of China’s southern Guangdong province, accusing him of “illegal business operations” after he printed religious materials.

Officers from multiple government departments criminally detained Li Hongmin, a member of Guangfu Church, after he printed various religious materials. These authorities confiscated all of the materials, as well as Li’s phone and other items from his home.

A local Christian told China Aid’s reporter that at the time of the detention, government officers told Li that he would be allowed to go home after two hours but did not release him as promised. Members of the religious affairs bureau, cultural affairs bureau, Huangshou Street Police Station and other active duty police officers were involved in the event.

“Those police officers went back to his house and told [his wife] that her husband needed a cell phone, and that was how they obtained his phone. Then the officers came back that night to take away his things. They lied and said that Li would only be detained for seven days, tricking his family members into paying a fee to the detention center,” the Christian said.

According to Li’s wife, several dozen officers arrived in the evening to search the house and did not leave until the following morning.

“Dozens of people smoked and drank the water at my house,” Li’s wife said. “They just stayed there until six o’clock the next morning, not to mention how they finished two cases of my [bottled] water. They sent another group of people today [June 3], but I did not let them in. I told them to stay away from my house if they did not have anything specific to do. We could not stand their smoking.”

Li’s wife expressed her disbelief at the severity of the charges against her husband. “The materials we printed were not heresies. They were not opposed to the Communist Party in any way. On the contrary, they teach people to help others, to love their fellow countrymen, their home and their country.”

China Aid reports on instances of religious persecution such as detention of Li Hongmin and intrusion upon his house in order to expose abuses by the Chinese government.

Li Hongmin’s detention notice.
(Photo: China Aid)

Baiyun District Sub-bureau of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

Detention Notice
Baiyun District Sub-bureau of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau 
Detention Notice No. [2016] 02264

To the family members of Li Hongmin:

According to Article 80 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, our bureau criminally detained Li Hongmin on June 3 at 11:00 on suspicion of illegal business operations. He is currently detained at the Baiyun District Detention Center in Guangzhou.

Baiyun District Sub-bureau of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau 
June 3, 2016

Note: The address of the detention center is Wulong Hill, Zhong Luotan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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