Guo Feixiong subjected to torture, to "cruel and inhumane" treatment in order to confess

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Guo Feixiong subjected to torture, to “cruel and
inhumane” treatment in order to confess
Electric shocks to his genitals, sleep deprivation, shackled
arms and feet to a bed are part of the treatment Guo received. His wife wants
the United Nations to intervene. Guo (aka as Yang Maodong) defended residents in
Taishi village who tried to fight corrupt local officials. He has been in jail
without a trial for nine months.

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) — Zhang Qing wants the United
Nations to probe the “cruel and inhumane” treatment inflicted
in prison upon her husband, Guo Feixiong.

Mr Guo, who has been in custody for the past nine months, revealed to the world
the (unlucky) fight by the residents of Taishi village against the
corruption and violence of the local Communist Party.

In a letter sent to Human Rights in China to be
forwarded to Manfred Novak, UN special rapporteur on
torture, she accused interrogators of torturing her
husband to extract a confession, including the use of electric shocks to his
genitals.  Human Rights in China said police tactics have included
sleep deprivation and shackling Guo’s arms and legs to a bed for weeks at a

Guo Feixiong, also known as Yang Maodong, was arrested in September
2006 and is to go on trial next Friday on a charge of “illegal business
activity” in connection with a book he edited about a political scandal in
Shenyang. He maintains his innocence.

In reality experts believe that his case is connected to his support
for the residents of Taishi village in Guangdong province who tried to fight
their corrupt village chief and local Communist Party leaders, providing legal
assistance and publishing articles online denouncing the situation and the
violent methods used by the police against the population.

Mo Shaoping, aide to the attorney representing Guo (Yang) since he was
arrested, said that police interrogated him for more than 11 hours every day
from September 14 to the 28 allowing him only one hour sleep.

According to the Human Rights Watch in China his treatment got worse
once he was moved to a detention centre in Shenyang.

Before his arrest, Guo was briefly detained last year for attempting to
organise a hunger strike to protest against his beatings in Guangzhou by thugs
believed to have been hired by Taishi village officials.

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