Health concerns continue to mount for lawyer Jiang Tianyong after hospital visit


Screenshot of video depicting
Jiang Tianyong moving
by car to the hospital. 
(Video: Twitter @jinbianling)

(Xinxiang, Henan—June 26, 2019) Doctors urged a prominent Chinese human rights lawyer to seek medical care amid fears he was forced to take medications in prison to induce liver and kidney damage.

Released from the Henan Province Second Prison on February 28th, Jiang Tianyong spent years in clandestine detention and behind bars after rallying support for colleagues targeted by government officials in a nationwide crackdown on their profession that began on July 9, 2015.

This crackdown is known colloquially as the “709 incident.”

Jiang experienced torture while in custody and now faces several health concerns amidst continued harassment by the Chinese government. On June 20, photos posted by his wife reveal significant swelling to Jiang’s feet and worrisome spots of darkened skin on his legs.

Like many other imprisoned human rights lawyers, Jiang was forced to take large amounts of unknown medication while in custody. According to him, these substances led to mental dullness, memory loss, general fatigue, and occasional hallucinations.

Medical experts briefed on Jiang’s situation speculate the medicine could inhibit the body’s immune system and harm kidney and liver function. The experts based comments on superficial symptoms and phenomena, according to Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch.

Jiang received recommendations to visit a professionally equipped hospital to undergo a thorough examination.

A June 24 Twitter video depicts Jiang heading to the hospital via car. Authorities riding with Jiang can be seen warning the human rights lawyer to “cooperate” with them. Medical results from the visit, which Jin Tweeted out on June 26, were “expected,” according to Jiang.

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