Henan Christians, Arbitrarily Sentenced to Re-Education through Labor, Sue Municipal Committee

HENAN–In May, Pastor Gao Jianli of Tianmao Town Church in Henan issued an Administrative Lawsuit against the Shangqiu Municipal Committee for arbitrarily detaining him and three other house church Christians for 15 days, and then sentencing them to one year each in Re-Education through Labor this March.
The pastor and three other Christians, Liu Yunhua, Hua Yulan, and Zheng Yumei, were arrested and detained without legal documentation. This is contrary to the due process of Chinese law.  (Read more in the press release from April 9.)
In his Administrative Lawsuit, Gao Jianli sets forth the following facts:
“Tianmiao Town Church, which the plaintiff attended, is an ordinary Christian church that has done many good deeds for society. The plaintiff is a Christian who believes in pure and authentic Christianity. The defendant does not possess any facts as evidence or legal basis in claiming that the plaintiff attended a cult organization and that he was engaging in illegal activities. The defendant erroneously applied the law in placing the plaintiff on a 15-day Administrative Detention and in making the decision to sentence the plaintiff to one year of Re-education through Labor.
“The defendant, Shangqiu Municipal Committee of Re-education through Labor, does not have any facts as evidence or legal basis in making the decision of placing the defendant on a 15-day administrative detention and in making the decision of sentencing him to one year of Re-education through Labor. Furthermore, it also violates legal procedure. Pursuant to Article 2, Clause 2 of Article 11, Article 17, Clause 1 of Article 25 and Article 54 of the Administrative Procedural Law of the People’s Republic of China, I hereby submit this litigation to your court and request that the People’s Court support the litigant requests of the plaintiff.”
All four detained Christians issued similar Administrative Lawsuits.
Read the Administrative Lawsuits:Gao Jianli
Liu Yunhua
Hua Yulan
Zheng Yumei

ChinaAid supports the legal actions of Mr. Gao Jianli and the other three imprisoned Christians of Tianmao Town Church.  ChinaAid continues to renounce the unjust actions of the Yucheng County Public Security Bureau and the local police, urging Chinese authorities to crack down on corrupt police action.  We call on believers around the world to pray for the detained Christians and their families.

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