Henan Christians taken into custody

Christians, such as the woman
pictured above, are often
imprisoned for their faith in
China. (Photo: ChinaAid)


(Xinxiang, Henan—March 6, 2019) Police in China’s central Henan province criminally detained four Christians, on Feb. 20 because they stood against the forced removal of crosses.

The four—Christians Wu Raoyun, Bai Yun, and Ma Yanfang as well as Pastor Li Juncai—are all members of Zhongxin Church in Xinxiang County, Henan. In 2018, the Henan government began demolishing crosses across the province, and Li repeatedly refused to allow the officials to destroy his church’s cross. Because of this, he was charged with “disrupting public service.”

Ma, who is pregnant, was later bailed out of jail.

According to Li’s son, Li Chao, his father asked the officials who wanted to remove Zhongxin Church’s cross to produce laws that request them to do so.

Although Christians have been arrested in China for opposing cross demolitions before, Henan province officials generally do not put Christians who are in opposition to this campaign under criminal detention. Instead, they typically converse with them.

After the Christians were detained, the government sent hundreds of people to remove Zhongxin Church’s cross. They broke into the church via a side door, forced protesters away from the church’s main gate, and propped the gate open so that two cranes could enter. A person taking pictures of the event said that they beat people and drove out senior citizens.

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