Henan house church ordered to turn over financial information, join TSPM

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(Nanyang, Henan—Nov. 6, 2014) The leader of a house church in China’s central Henan, after constructing a new church building, was ordered by police on Oct. 28 to provide information regarding the source of the church’s land and finances and to register with the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM).

“Domestic Security Protection Squad agents and police officers came to talk to me because I have built a church,” the church’s leader, Pastor Zhu, said. “They asked me what I built the church for. I said we use it for gatherings. [The police] said there are many people in my church and that I must write an application… They said I built the church without telling them. I asked them why Christians can’t build a church while [officials] allow people from Taoism and Buddhism to build structures.

“[Police] later said that the church must get approval and join the TSPM church. I said that this is a house church, and we serve God according to the mode of a house church,” Zhu said.

“The police officer then asked me about [the church’s] financial sources. I said we depend on the donations of our brothers and sisters. He asked me how much money the church has now, and I answered that I couldn’t tell him because this is an internal matter of the church and that it must be kept a secret. He said that the church doesn’t trust the government. I said, ‘It’s not that we don’t trust you, but your law is not perfect. I will tell you when [your law] is perfect,” Zhu said.

“Now, they want me to give them the floor plans for the building, sources of the land, financial sources, uses for the building, and our future plans,” the pastor said. “These are their demands, and they want us to give them the information in writing and the blueprints. He said that if we have any association with ‘that Pastor Zhang,’ [as in Zhang Mingxuan, president of the Chinese House Church Alliance], the building must be demolished.”

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