Hong Kong Chief Executive: Chinese Law applies to arrested protesters

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(Hong Kong—Sept. 14, 2020) Carrie Lam, a Hong Kong politician, Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 2017, maintained that the case regarding 12 young Hong Kong protesters should be handled according to related Chinese law.

Since the Chinese Coast Guard’s arrest of 12 Hong Kong young protesters fleeing to Taiwan and their ensuing confinement at Senzhen Yantian Detention Center, officials have repeatedly refused requests by family-appointed lawyers for visits.

Although Attorney Siwei Lu presented required legal documents, police at the detention center repeatedly refused to permit him to meet with his client. Lu made a formal complaint to the Public Security Bureau of Yantian. Quanniu Ren, another delegated lawyer, reported that judicial bureau officials informed him that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would consider a lawyer defending the protesters “unpatriotic.”

When asked if the legal rights of the Hong Kong detainees could be protected and how the Hong Kong government would follow up, Lam referred to an agreement with China two years ago. This contract stipulated that if China captured Hong Kong citizens, Chinese officials would notify Hong Kong authorities. She stated that the Hong Kong government as well as the Guangdong Province liaison’s office will consider concerns of lawyers for detainees. Lam stressed, however, because Hong Kongers had broken Chinese laws and regulations, China’s applicable laws should rule.

(Reported by Nancy, journalist of China Aid* Association focusing on Taipei and Hong Kong news)

*According to ChinaAid reporting, Chinese officials are considering levying more serious charges on the protesters.

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