Hospital Pressured to Force Injured Xinjiang Christian Businessman Out; Chinese PSB Refused to Investigate Agents Brutality

China Aid Association

“Persecuted Chinese Christian Needs Your Help”

(Midland, Texas (CAA) — Oct 08, 2005)—CAA learned, just hours after he and his wife made an attempt to file a case with both the local PSB and the People’s Procurator, Mr. Tong Qimiao, a Christian businessman, was asked to leave the hospital despite his broken rib and he was still under medical treatment.(see Mr. Tong’s CT document shows his rib was broken)

Mr. Tong was hospitalized for treatment of his broken rib due to brutal torture by agents of State Security Bureau on September 28, 2005.

In the morning of October 8, 2005, Mr. Tong aided by his wife went to both the office of the State Security and Public Security of Kashgar asking them to investigate the abuse of power and torture by his interrogators on September 28 for his house church activities. According to reliable reports, the State Security Bureau drove out the couple by even denying the very fact that Mr. Tong was arrested by them and the PSB refused to investigate the case.

Moreover, just hours after Mr. Tong returned to the hospital ER, the hospital, under intensive pressure from both security agents demanded Mr. Tong leave.

Furthermore, for two separate cases previously reported by CAA, under intense international pressure, the September-26-arrested Pastor Ma Yinzhou of Sanmenxia City was released on October 6, while his son, Mr. Ma Shulei, is still being detained. Also, Mr. Zhuo Tao recently received a three year re-education through labor sentence with three-years probation. Mr. Zhuo was arrested on August 15 along with four American church leaders while having Christian fellowship with 40 other house church believers. CAA learned all of the arrested Americans were released the same day and chose to be silent due to Chinese police warnings. Mr. Zhuo Tao is a nephew of  Peter Xu  who is the founder of Christian House church group known as Born Again Movement.

“We urge people of conscience to ask the hospital (phone number 011-86-998-2528544) to continue Mr. Tong’s medical treatment by not bowing to the pressure from the security agent,” says Bob Fu, President of China Aid Association, “The Xinjiang higher authority certainly needs to hold the torturers accountable if it is serious about its commitment to the rule of law.”

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