House church minister detained for purchasing Christian books

Photo: Chen Lijun’s Detention Notice (ChinaAid source)

(Luoyang, Henan province—October 31, 2022) On October 29, Li Xiaoyan, the wife of house church minister Chen Lijun, sent out a prayer request and disclosed information about her husband’s case.  


Police took away Chen Lijun on August 13 because he purchased Christian books online and because of his faith. Chen has been detained on charges of fraud until now, and over 100 Christians of his church also face persecution. 


On August 27, Li Xiaoyan received his detention notice issued by the Luan County Bureau of Public Security, which claimed that the Bureau criminally detained Chen on suspicion of fraud at the Luan County Detention Center.  


Li asked Christians of other churches to intercede for her husband in the following five ways:  

  1. Pray for the past two months Chen Lijun spent in the detention center and for his coming sentence.  
  2. Pray for the reformed faith the church holds dearly and for the over 100 congregants that face persecution.
  3. Lift up her family. There are two people in their 70s in her family, her father was diagnosed with stomach cancer before, and her mother had esophagus cancer before and still takes medication. She has two sons, the oldest son will take the college entrance exam next year, and the youngest one is in the 6th grade.
  4. Intercede for the illegal persecution, suppression, and the 100,000 yuan (~13,600 USD) fine that Chen Lijun received because of his faith.
  5. Pray for Li Xiaoyan. She has various health issues, and her entire family depends on her low monthly income of 2,000 yuan (~270 USD).


~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Contributing Reporter