The House Church of Zhoukou City, Henan

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On April 12, 2008 at 3:30 p.m. more than 120 House Church members were detained in Liu Fang-ping village, Chuanhui County of Zhoukou City, Henan. The Christians were studying the Bible in the home of Wang Ming-Liang, when suddenly, more than 60 policemen entered Wang’s home, and detained all of the members.
The policemen mandatorily interrogated the Christians but failed to give a reason why. On April 14, 2008 all 120 Christians were released after international outcry and prayer for their release reached the media.
The event took place at the oldest Christian church in Zhoukou city of Henan Province.  In 1883, Taylor,J.Hudson, a member of  the British Inland Mission, preached the Gospel from Wuhan to Zhoukou.  Zhao Guang-Yu accepted the Gospel, and set up the Zhoujiakou branch of the Inland Mission in Xindukou Street, which was the first place Christianity began to spread in Henan. Following up on this, Lutheran, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventists and other denominations, were imported in Zhoukou. It became an important region for pioneers of overseas churches. Unfortunately, Christian conflict cases emerged again and again when the Old China’s feudal culture clashed with the Gospel of Christ.
On the eve of 1949, 390 foreign missionaries and 14,089 Christians worked in Zhoukou,In 1958, the Christians faced unprecedented restrictions, many churches were closed, and the number of Christians in the area was reduced to 9810.
During the “Cultural Revolution”, the Christian Churches were persecuted, and had to commence underground actives, while courageous Christians worshiped and gathered in secret.
In 1981, the Christian Church divided into two systems: the “Three-Self Church” and the “House church”. The House Church rapidly developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. On one occasion in 1990, some Apostles in Zhoukou were filled with the Holy Spirit and led the rejuvenation throughout Zhoukou.
They set up mission teams, and preached the Gospel everywhere. They also accepted overseas missionaries to preach in Zhoukou. Some of these Christian conflict cases were reported by the international media.

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