Human Rights and Democracy Activist Peng Ming Continues to Suffer From Health Issues While Serving Life Sentence

China Aid Association
August 16, 2008
On August 16, 2008 China Aid Association received correspondence from Xing Peng, sister of Democracy and Human rights activist Peng Ming, concerning the current health condition of her brother. prison Peng Ming’s health has continued to degenerate at a rapid pace.
Citing several instances of health concerns and poor medical conditions, Mrs. Xing Peng detailed her concern for her brother’s current health status. She has appealed to China aid and the world to voice their concern over the wrongful treatment of her brother. Peng Ming was sentenced to life in prison by Chinese officials in October of 2005, on accusations of engaging in terrorism activities.
Below is the full text of Xing Peng’s letter to China Aid.
Pastor Bob Fu
China Aid

Dear Bob Fu,
On August15, my half brother Zhang Ming Peng went to see my brother at the Hu Bei, Han Yang Prison.  Because of the hot weather and increased security in the prison, the after effects of the beating of my brother have become worse.

Here is the rough translation of what my oldest half brother Zhang Ming Peng told me on the Phone. The Chinese Government told him that he could not tell the outside world of my older, imprisoned brother Ming Peng’s condition; he could, however, tell the immediate family about my older brother Ming Peng’s current medical condition.
Begin summary translation from Ming Peng:
“Even though the aftereffects of my beating and the unsterilized surgical suture left in my face after the surgery have made me sicker than before, I have not been able to go to the hospital or get other medical attention because the Olympics has increased security control in the prison.
The aftereffects of that beating and the ensuing surgery include the feeling of dizziness and lost of feeling in my face.  Also, it has become increasingly difficult and painful for me to swallow any food or water.  The pain is especially intense in my esophagus and my chest, leading me to suspect that I have cancer of the esophagus.

End summary translation.
Thank you again for all your help.  I plead and implore that you and the China Aid to save my brother’s life by getting get the Chinese Government to release him from prison.  Only by doing so can he get the needed medical attention to save his life.
Gratefully yours,
Xing Peng
4375 Planet Circle
Union City, CA 94587

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