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Date:  2007-12-18
Gospel for Asia
For Immediate Release

Girji Mathew has planted a church of 34 people as well as several prayer fellowships in his home state of West Bengal.
WEST BENGAL, INDIA (ANS) — It was only 6:30 p.m. when Gospel for Asia missionary Girji Mathew started home from a prayer meeting on his bike. Only an hour and a half before, he had gone to the prayer meeting even though it was getting dark and the sky threatened storms. Now, it was very dark and difficult to ride without hitting potholes.
Girji was coming home from a prayer meeting when he was attacked.
Suddenly four men stopped Girji, shouting insults about Christians to him. Then they began beating him severely, even smashing a large flashlight against his head. By the time the four men left Girji, they thought he was dead. They stole the missionary’s wristwatch, cell phone and $63 in cash.
Girji somehow managed to get to the next village, where some local people took him to the hospital. Girji told police what had happened, but they were not able to identify his attackers.

After medical treatment, Girji returned home praising the Lord for saving his life and giving him the opportunity to identify with Jesus’ sufferings. However, there are some hindrances to his ministry. Fighting in his area has caused an evening curfew to be put in place, and no one is allowed to go outside at night, which makes his usual evening prayer meetings impossible.
Girji Mathew asks for prayer for his ministry to continue despite the obstacles, and for the Lord to bring much fruit.

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