An image of wang bingzhang who is a US citizen citizen who is serving a life sentence in a China prison after being convicted during a secret trial.

Imprisoned U.S. resident denied visit with daughter

Wang Bingzhang


(Guangzhou—Jan. 16, 2019) The daughter of an imprisoned political activist was turned away at the airport when she attempted to visit her father, just two days before officials permitted the man to see his son.

The woman, Ti-Anna Wang, last saw her father, Chinese activist Wang Bingzhang, 10 years ago. All of her other siblings have been permitted to meet with him recently, with his son, Wang Daishi, visiting him on Jan. 11.

Wang Daishi said that his father was very disappointed that he was not able to see Ti-Anna, calling the government’s actions “cruel.”

Ti-Anna Wang said it was the director of the state security department who denied her access to her father.

Wang Bingzhang is a permanent resident of the United States, where he was a prestigious political activist. Chinese agents lured him to Vietnam and June 2002 and abducted him back to China. Then, he was sentenced to life in prison on falsified terrorism and espionage charges and has been in solitary confinement for 16 years.

Wang Bingzhang’s brother, who is currently living in Canada, said that he often repeats himself, which is probably a symptom of his long-term isolation.

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